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Finch Public School's Mission Statement

Finch Public School was built in 1951 and is situated within a diverse community made up of single family homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, condominiums, and a housing complex. Finch Flyers Child Care is also housed within the school building.
We have about 300 students enrolled at the school and are working together to create the highest achievement for all our students - whether they are in the regular program, receiving support in English as a second language, in the home school program, or in remedial skills.
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During the past few school years, the school, with partial funding from the School Council and support from the TDSB, has increased the effective use of technology in classrooms. We have two portable laptop labs for the school. These portable labs allow students more frequent access to up to date computer technology for research projects and other learning. The students enjoy working with the laptops, and creating new and exciting projects. We also currently have 11 SmartBoards in the school and many classrooms have a data projector in the room. Improving our use of technology in the school is a continued area of focus at Finch Public School.

21st Century Learners

At Finch we are committed to empowering our students with the global competencies required to lead our changing world. As a school, we strive to create, monitor and modify opportunities for our students to engage in critical thinking, problem solving, creating, collaborating, leading, and communicating.Our classroom practices, extracurricular activities and parent engagement initiatives support our students in fostering these skills. Character and Citizenship drive the teaching and learning in our classrooms, where students are challenged and supported to build attitudes and confidence required to make a difference in the world. 

More Information About Finch Public School

School Improvement

Literacy - teachers participate in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to improve literacy skills.
Numeracy - teachers develop plans to increase student achievement in math and student ability to apply their learning to problem solving in every day life.
School Action Team - focuses on developing character education, and creating a safe & caring learning environment.

Integrating Technology

We are continuing to develop our use of technology within the school. Our portable laptop labs move from class to class and continue to be used by students for research, projects and note taking. We are expanding our use of SmartBoards and data projectors within classrooms.

Vibrant Co-Curricular Activities

Staff are pleased to provide many co-curricular activities in the areas of arts, recreation and sports. Such activities include: Green Ambassadors, Choir, Dance, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field, French Club, Origami Club, Card Games, Talent Show, Origami and Kilometre Club.

After School Programs

In addition to the many co-curricular activities available to students during the day, there are many optional activities available after school from which parents can choose: Mad Science, Chess Club, Group Piano Lessons, and Heritage Language Classes - Chinese and Mandarin.

Additional Features

  • Gold Eco-school
  • Student Teachers
  • Parent and Community Volunteers
  • Student Recognition Programs
  • Co-op Students
  • Professional Development for Staff
  • Strong Partnership with Child Care
  • Team Based Planning for Teachers

Student Life - Where You Belong


Finch is a place where students flourish in an environment that is caring and respectful. We provide engaging learning experiences and rich programming where everyone can be successful. Field trips, Prologue Performances, Arts Express and Scientists in School programs allow for increased achievement and engagement. Students can engage with peers and pursue diverse interests by participating in extracurricular activities such as Track and Field, Choir, Coding Club and Storytelling Club. Finch also offers leadership opportunities through Student Council and Eco Club, fostering a sense of pride and confidence through student voice.


Our school is a unique learning community with a cohesive teaching staff and support team.  Within our Kindergarten to Grade 5 school community, an ESL newcomer program and a homeschool program and additional supports to meet the unique needs of students.  It is a safe and caring environment where teachers and staff have high expectations of and an excellent rapport with students.  We have a dedicated and skillful staff team who look for their best from our students, and are willing to share their expertise and time by providing students with many extra-curricular activities.  

We live up to our motto:  Finch - A Great Place to Learn!


Finch is the hub of our community and we strive to capitalize on the cultural diversity of our school. Our families are invited to a weekly Principal’s Chat, which leverages our community resources. We have an active School Council that supports student engagement and achievement through various initiatives.

Our families are invited to our monthly  assemblies.