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Fenside Public School's Mission Statement

Fenside Public School is a neighbourhood school, located two blocks north of York Mills Road between the Don Valley Parkway and Victoria Park Avenue. The school was first opened in 1961. We believe in providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment which emphasizes mutual respect, embraces diversity, fosters students' aspirations, encouraging them to reach their potential and promotes academic excellence.

We also believe in teaching students to solve problems collaboratively and develop their leadership skills to enable them to confidently meet the challenges of the future.


Fenside has a student enrolment of approximately 322 students, representing at least 40 different language groups. Approximately half the students speak English as a second language. Our school offers regular class programs for children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5, including 4 Full Day Kindergarten classes with a before and after school program. A nurturing childcare facility committed to excellence, Fenside Children's Centre, is also housed in the school building and provides care for children 18 months to 12 years.

Child Care

A childcare facility, Fenside Children's Centre, is also housed in the school building and provides care for children 18 months to 12 years.
 As well, York Mills Child Care Centre, is located nearby, in the Fenside community.

More Information About Fenside Public School

Language Program

We are a Literacy Focus School. Our Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Media Literacy programs include:
- a balanced literacy approach, across the curriculum
- reading and writing assessments to determine students' instructional levels and monitor students' progress
- a focus on higher-order questioning   
- ongoing use of success criteria and descriptive feedback


In Numeracy, students must be able to use problem-solving skills in all 5 strands. The program includes:
- 3 Part math lessons are common practice in our classrooms 
- student engagement in open-ended performance tasks
- use of concrete materials and real life experiences to demonstrate understanding of concepts
- use of rubrics and exemplars to guide assessments

Eco Schools

Fenside has demonstrated its commitment to the environment through various eco-friendly activities that help minimize environmental impact. We have focused on conserving energy, reusing existing materials, and recycling daily. As a result, Fenside P.S. has regularly achieved EcoSchools Certification.

Safe and Caring Schools

To foster a positive learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful, we focus on:
- TRIBES agreements
- Zones of Regulation
- Following Code of Conduct
- direct teaching of conflict resolution strategies
- immediate intervention through peer mediation and a social justice approach
- monthly assemblies to celebrate student success

Additional Features

  • Student Ambassadors' Program
  • Stamp Club
  • Sport Teams
  • Choir
  • Computer Lab
  • Mobile Computer Carts

Student Life - Where You Belong


The students at Fenside are offered a wide range of opportunities to develop their self-confidence, academic and social skills and leadership abilities. The following are some examples.
- Silver Birch and Blue Spruce Reading Programs
- EcoSchools Club
- Girls' & Boys' Clubs including (e.g., crafts, photography, dance)
- Junior Mentoring
- Library & Hall Monitors
- Morning Announcers & Office Helpers
- Chess Club
- Stamp Club
-  Soccer Teams - co-ed
- Track & Field Team - co-ed


As a feeder school, we have developed a strong partnership with Donview MS. In addition, we have developed partnerships with colleges and universities that offer a range of programs. Child and Youth Workers, Early Childhood Educators and Teacher Candidates from Ryerson, Seneca and Centennial Colleges and York University, regularly complete their practicum placements at Fenside, under the supervision of Fenside Teaching Staff.
At Fenside the children and adults, are a community of learners who continue to recognize and appreciate needs, provide supports and build on strengths. Together we continue to work on realizing our true potential.


- Literacy, Math and EQAO Nights to inform parents and help them support their children's learning
- Access to Settlement Workers who assist new immigrants to Canada 
- School Council that initiates and organizes fundraising events 
- A dedicated group of parent volunteers who assist in classrooms, the library, at special events, on educational excursions and during monthly pizza luncheons
- A Safe School Arrival Program
- Strong relationship with Community Liaison Officer, 33 Division, Toronto Police Services