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Downsview Public School's Mission Statement

Downsview Public School is located on Keele Street, just north of Wilson Avenue, and south of Sheppard Avenue West.  The first Downsview Public School was erected in 1850.  The present building opened in 1948.  Our school serves approximately 225 enthusiastic, bright, and industrious students.  We have a very diverse, multicultural, multifaith, and multilingual student population.  In fact, we have over 20 languages represented at Downsview.  Other than English, the most common languages spoken are Turkish, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Kurdish and Tamil.  This diversity makes for a rich texture, and enriches teaching and learning for everyone.  We strive to be inclusive and to make all of our families feel welcome.

Student safety is a priority here at Downsview.  We work hard to maintain a safe, caring and nurturing environment, where we look after the needs of the whole child.  We have a milk program and a morning meal program.  Our Code of Conduct ensures that students feel safe and secure, in order that the primary focus continues to be on teaching and learning for all members of the school community.  We are a Future Aces School and we recognize student success and achievement in a variety of ways, such as character education assemblies and concerts.  We also have an on-site daycare centre.  Friendly Times provides pre-school and school-aged programs.  Friendly Times is also the provider for the before and after school program for Kindergarten.

Character Education is a School-Wide Focus

At Downsview Public School, we have an on-going focus on character education, and we utilize the Toronto District School Board's monthly character traits, as our focus.  Each month, students are introduced to the monthly trait at an assembly.  The assemblies, which are conducted by the principal and various teachers, introduce the trait, explain how students can demonstrate the trait, and celebrate those students who have been nominated by Downsview staff, in terms of modelling the specific trait for the month around the school.  Quotes related to each character trait are shared on the PA system for all to celebrate, and to enjoy.

More Information About Downsview Public School

We Honour Equity and Diversity

At Downsview, we serve a very multicultural and diverse school community.  We believe that anti-racist and inclusive education constitutes quality education.  We honour and celebrate the diversity of our students and the rich background knowledge that they bring to school with them.  We want our students to see themselves reflected in the classroom and the curriculum. 

Second Step Anti-Violence Program

Every class at Downsview utilizes the Second Step program.  Teachers utilize a series of cards and lessons to deal with topics such as feelings and anger management.  Students have opportunities to role play how to express their feelings in a positive way, and how to utilize "I messages" as part of their problem-solving strategy.

Eco Schools

Downsview was last certified as a gold Eco-School.  This year, Downsview is striving to maintain some of the initiatives we started during the past few years. We continue to work on beautifying our school grounds.  We routinely do schoolyard clean-ups and we encourage students to bring litterless lunches.  We promote recycling.

Technology is a Priority

We know that technology is ever-changing.  We also know that our students will need to learn how to use computers as a rich teaching and learning tool.  In our school, we currently have 60 iPads and we plan to acquire more.  Our library also serves as a computer lab, so that teachers can offer group instruction across the curriculum.

Additional Features

  • An Active School Council
  • Parents as Partners
  • Learning Opportunities for Parents
  • Family Literacy Evening
  • Prologue Performances in the Arts
  • Book Fair and Craft Night
  • Terry Fox Run/Jump Rope for Heart
  • School-wide Nutrition Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Downsview Public School, we look after the whole child.  We encourage healthy eating and physical activity.  We offer a student nutrition program for all students called a "morning meal".  This consists of three different food groups and is served just prior to morning recess.  We have a very dedicated and conscientious Snack Coordinator, who works very hard to provide students with high quality snacks, while ensuring that dietary restrictions are adhered to.  An example of a typical snack might be milk, multi-grain Cheerios and a medium apple.  All families have access to the program from Junior Kindergarten to grade five.  In addition, we offer milk for sale, both two percent and chocolate during the lunch hour for grades one to five on a daily basis.  We offer special lunches for students on an occasional basis, such as Pizza Days or occasionally, a sub day.  School Council often sponsors these special lunch days.
We are an Into Kids' Health school (Year 3), which means that we get extra funding and support through Toronto Public Health.  We strive to promote the 10-5-2-1-0 philosophy.   


We are a small neighbourhood school and we pride ourselves on being your child's home away from home.  Since we have an average of 185 students, many of our teachers know all of our students by name.
We pride ourselves on our connections to the community.  We are just south of Downsview Park and we take advantage of their educational programs and opportunities.  We liaise with Downsview Public Library (directly to the south of the school), and they support our literacy initiatives and our junior kindergarten orientation evening.  In addition, we work together with the Ontario Early Years' Centre and Hincks-Dellcrest Centre School Outreach staff.  Our Public Health Nurse offers programs for teaching staff, and well as direct support to our school in terms of providing support for parents and information for incoming junior kindergarten students.
We have an excellent working relationship with Pierre Laporte Middle School and Downsview Secondary School, both in our immediate area.  We work hard to ensure that all our students have successful transitions to middle school.


Our School Council is dedicated to providing additional resources and opportunities for our students.  They plans various fundraisers throughout the year to assist the school in acquiring additional iPad technology, as well as to support and sponsor field trips and special school events, such as graduation. 
 At Downsview, we offer parents opportunities to learn together by providing guest speakers on a variety of topics.  Past topics are bullying, dealing with childhood stress and  healthy eating. This year we are continuing to work with Blaydon Public School so that we can often more workshops.  We use a myriad of translators and interpreters so that our parents and guardians receive the information they need to be informed about their child's education.  We strive to reach as many of our parents as possible by using our call out system called School Connects.