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Daystrom Public School's Mission Statement

Daystrom Public School is located at 25 Daystrom Drive in Toronto. The school serves a diverse student population with over 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Staff are committed to creating and fostering a warm, welcoming, caring and supportive learning environment to meet the needs of each student. Throughout the school year, your child will be provided with equitable learning opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  Daystrom school staff strives on teamwork that is demonstrated through shared leadership. Staff value our community school, as such, we will continue to work collaboratively with students, parents and the local community to inspire students to excel in their education. 

School Code of Behaviour

Our goal at Daystrom Public School is to provide all students with a caring environment where high learning expectations, appropriate academic achievement and behaviour standards are encouraged. Students are expected to treat each other the way that they would like to be treated. It is expected that students will be polite, respectful and honest to all, as they thrive to be the best scholar that they can possibly be.  It is our intent to assist each child to practise good citizenship at Daystrom and thus learn, grow and develop into responsible citizens in society.

More Information About Daystrom Public School


Our school has equipped each grade with Chromebooks and Ipads to foster and sharpen 21st century skills.  These tools help students learn to navigate digital learning platforms such as Brightspace and Google Classroom.  

Teachers work with students to adapt and meet their educational needs in an ever changing learning environment during this pandemic.  Students are equipped with devices from TDSB to help them pivot easily to remote learning.

Healthy Nutrition Program

Daystrom provides a nutritious snack for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 everyday. Students are served a variety of individually packaged fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and dairy products. This program is supported by the Toronto Student Success Foundation. We believe that good nutrition fosters better learning.

Staff provide learning opportunities where student experiences are validated.  Culturally relevant pedagogy is used so that students can make real life connections to their learning, thus making learning meaningful and authentic.

Co-Curricular Activities

Daystrom builds teamwork and community by participating in Co-Curricular Activities. Our students enjoy sports, chess, spirit days and raising money for our Terry Fox Walk.

Into Kids' Health

To encourage physical health and mental well-being our school is part of the Into Kids' Health Program run by the City of Toronto.  Through various activities our students learn that they need to be more active, get enough sleep, make healthy food choices and limit their screen time.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Daystrom Community school is a place where students develop a sense of belonging.  Students have caring adults that they can connect with throughout the school day.  Staff  inspire students to excel to their fullest potentials.  They provide learning opportunities  where student experiences are validated.  Culturally relevant lessons are used so that students can make real life connections to their learning, thus making learning meaningful and authentic.


Students and staff pride themselves on treating each other the way that they would like to be treated. The school team demonstrates respect, kindness and care to everyone who enters the school.   Daystrom school community  strives on the teamwork that is demonstrated  through shared leadership and the division of work among staff and students. Daystrom's students, parents, staff and community show that working together sharpens talents, inspires learning and enrich students learning opportunities.


Our School Advisory Council (SAC) is vibrant and engages parents in topics and workshops that meet the needs of our parent community. Parents are actively engaged in school events and are always willing to volunteer their time to help our students. Parents' input are incorporated in our School Improvement Plan, where applicable, to improve student achievement and well-being.  Parent voices  and suggestions are always welcome to enhance learning at Daystrom. 
Daystrom's SAC actively supports our parents along with our Community Support Worker (CSW). Various Workshops are offered to parents, students and staff based on the interests and topics generated by parents.  Over the last several years Daystrom's SAC members and CSW have coordinated a Family Wellness Night Workshop. These nights are supported by many Community Partners such as Black Creek Health Centre, TPH nurse, etc.