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Cresthaven Public School's Mission Statement

At Cresthaven Public School everyone is special. We work with our community to ensure that Cresthaven is a dynamic learning centre where every member feels respected, valued and welcome.  Our goal is to foster in our students a love of learning and a desire to do their best. 

At Cresthaven our goal is to:

  • Enhancing classroom and school libraries
  • Developing our online presence 
  • Including the arts across the curriculum
  • Using assessment data to drive appropriate literacy and mathematics programs
  • Ensuring success for every student by developing programs that include remediation or enrichment
  • Participating in Toronto Robotics, Terry Fox, Jump Rope for Heart and many other physical activities

As well, Cresthaven offers:
- Middle French  Immersion Program
-Music Program
- STEM and Robotics
- Extra-curricular programs
- Kids Haven Daycare Centre is housed in our school building. It is a 
 community child care with an excellent reputation that accepts toddlers,
 pre-school and school-age children. 
- Our students have the opportunity to explore the community through  walks to the nature trails, visit to the community library and neighbourhood market
- Students also participate in field trips and attend performances in the larger community of our city.

Student Achievement and the Whole Child

At Cresthaven we look at all aspects of a child's learning. We want every child to have a healthy and curious mind in a healthy body. We know that children learn to read so that they can read to learn! That is why literacy is a focus in every grade and every class at Cresthaven. Learning math is more than learning basic skills. It is about developing mathematical understanding and problem solving skills that our students can apply in their lives now and in the future. Cresthaven offers After-School Programs for students. These programs are Mandarin Language, Chess, Computers and Mad Science. 

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Literacy means reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing. We have many programs to support literacy, including:
a Reading Recovery Program, Reading Buddies, an early identification process to identify students at risk and give them extra support, literacy workshops for teachers and support staff, a comprehensive primary literacy program.


We have the Nelson Math series throughout the school, maximum time on task with direct instruction on all math strands, an early identification process to identify students at risk and give
them extra support, numeracy workshops for teachers and support staff, a large collection of items for hands on math including laptops for students in our grade 6 classrooms.

Character Education

Character is what we do when no one is looking! At our school we celebrate a character attribute every month with announcements and an awards assembly. We recognize student and staff successes with Winits, certificates, assemblies and announcements and we're always working hard to help build students' self discipline and positive attitudes.

Information Communication Technology

Computers and technology are part of our world. Students need to know how to access and evaluate the information they find.
We use ICT knowledge to locate, retrieve, organize, manipulate, analyze and evaluate information, use computer technology across the curriculum, a range of ICT tools such as Smart Boards and computers.. Our school is part of the TDSB STEM initiative.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Cresthaven are able to take ownership of their school and community through participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. A few of the choices available to students are Silver Birch Reading Club, Cross Country, Track and Field, dance clubs, board games clubs, and card making club. As well students may develop their leadership skills as broadcasters/, kindergarten helpers, library monitors and as Cresthaven Ambassadors.


Cresthaven Public School is a small school with a diverse parent community. It is seen as the "community school" where the majority of students live in the neighbourhood. Thanks to the School Council's fundraising initiatives, we have been able to provide enrichment activities for our students such as field trips, Scientist in the School, e, musical performances and several SmartBoards. Cresthaven is a safe and caring environment where teachers and staff have high expectations for students and an excellent rapport with them. Our staff believe that all students can learn and reach their potential, given time and support.


At Cresthaven Public School, we have a committed and highly involved School Council with strong links that undertake fundraising activities and school projects. The council meets every month to discuss school matters and new parents are always welcome to come and participate. Every class has a good base of parent volunteers who assist on class trips as needed. Cresthaven also working closely with our on site Child Care - Kids Haven. As well, to assist with the our participation in the "Toronto Schools on the Move" we have a strong partnership with our community Public Health Nurse. In the immediate community we also take advantage of partnerships with Adventure Place to provide early intervention and identification of students at risk, Galati Brothers Supermarket, the public library, community centre and ice rink and the police officer liason from 33 division.