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Ancaster Public School's Mission Statement

Ancaster Public School first opened as a temporary school in 1953 for students from kindergarten to grade 8. The current school was expanded and built in 1957 and officially opened on April 28, 1958. The school is located west of Dufferin Street and north of Wilson Avenue. Ancaster Public School houses over 100 students representing approximately 18 different language groups. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced academic, athletic and social programs.  With updated technology, students are provided the tools and understanding required for academic and career success and lifelong learning.  Preparing our students with the required skills to adapt to an ever-changing world in a climate that is safe, respectful, and caring is our priority.

The Ancaster Childcare Satellite Program located in our school provides care for school-age students after school and during extended holidays.

By working together with parents and our community workers, the Ancaster staff provides a unique learning environment where students feel safe and valued.

Social Responsibility and Character Development

By learning about and discussing the TDSB 10 different character traits each month, Ancaster students are further developing their individual social skills and gaining a sense of personal responsibility. Students and staff members work together to foster a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment where students are engaged in purposeful learning in a supportive, caring community. Guest presenters also help to reinforce positive attributes and behaviour. This year office helpers were introduced which allows some of the older students to develop authentic skills such as answering phones and greeting people.

More Information About Ancaster Public School

The Arts

Through the arts, students engage in and learn to communicate effectively and develop skills in thinking creatively, imaginatively and critically. In addition to the classroom music programs, Orff music is taught to students in grades 1 - 5. Students also have the opportunity to engage in dance and drama. A storyteller has been invited in to speak to a number of classes.

Computer Technology

Computers, iPads and Interactive White Boards are present in every classroom.  We also have a computer lab that houses 25 computers and we have a new mobile Microsoft Surface Pro 3 lab.  


Students develop their sense of social responsibility & environmental awareness by fund-raising for different causes. Students also fund-raise for Terry Fox,  MS, Heart and Stroke and collected food for the North York Harvest Food Bank. 

Physical Education & Healthy Living

At Ancaster PS we are committed to supporting active living and a healthy lifestyle for our students through our physical and health education program and our extra-curricular activities. At Ancaster, students can participate in a variety of
sports teams that compete across the TDSB.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Ancaster have the opportunity to get involved in many interesting and fun activities. We are a Gold level ECO school and students are encouraged to be members of the Environment Club who look after our trees, grounds and monitor environmental issues around the school. We actively compost and have a boomerang lunch of non-compostable materials. Recycling is encouraged and monitored by our Eco team. Enthusiastic readers participate in the Silver Birch reading clubs. Students from the Primary and Junior Divisions have had an opportunity to be involved in athletic activities in the gym before school in the winter months. We have a variety of other clubs and activities for students to participate in during the cold, winter weather over the lunch hour. We do celebrate winter with outdoor games and activities. All interested students are able to be part of our daily Opening Announcements during the school year.


Ancaster is a small community school where individual attention can be given to the social, emotional, physical and academic well-being of students by the school staff. We are a caring community of school staff, parents/guardians and learners sharing the common goal of student success. Many  Ancaster teachers have a long history with the school and are now teaching the children of former Ancaster students. Ancaster is a fortunate school to have strong connections between students and staff. There are many leadership opportunities for students. Grade 5 students are Playground Pals. Our junior students are reading buddies with the younger students. Students can be part of the Morning Announcement Team. Junior students can volunteer in the kindergarten programs during the recess breaks and provide social skills modelling in our special education classes over the lunch hour. This ensures that we create strong school connections and friendship bonds across the school so that all feel responsible and accountable to each other. All students have access to interactive whiteboard technology.


Visits to the Public Library and the local Fire Department; Community Police Liason officer presentations to students and parents; active engagement of our Public Health nurse in parent council meetings and in the school; Shared community/school issues addressed through Safe and Caring schools meetings; Strong Volunteer Reading program with Costco employee volunteers; supportive relationship with Bombardier Aerospace through fund-raising support & clothing drive; collaborative involvement with the Ancaster Child Care Centre and Parks and Recreation staff located across the street;  Supporting The North York Harvest Food Bank (we collected 100 lbs of food this year!);Clothing Drive; Active School Council; volunteers in the classrooms; student teacher placements; Parent information evenings, workshops, special lunches and other fundraising activities to support school needs.