PHONE NUMBER: (416) 394-7090

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Central Etobicoke High School's Mission Statement

Central Etobicoke High School is committed to providing a high quality, unique, and alternative curriculum for students who wish to attain the skills, values and attitudes that will prepare them for work, lifelong learning and participation in community life. Courses are offered at the Essential, Workplace, Open, and K (non-credit) levels. Central students develop those skills that will serve them well, whether they join the work force, enter an apprenticeship program or go on to further education. Students who are designated M.I.D. or D.D. are recommended to the program through the IPRC process, and work towards an OSSD, OSSC or a Certificate of Accomplishment.

More Information About Central Etobicoke High School

Student Life - Where You Belong


Central Etobicoke staff and students feel a sense of belonging and work with tremendous energy and enthusiasm to create a very enjoyable learning environment. There are many school field trips and club activities organized as co-curricular events during the school day. There are several sports teams with the recent addition of girls' and boys' basketball and boys' soccer. Students are able to achieve in an environment that is safe, supportive and enjoyable.  Our students exhibit excellent leadership and school spirit.


Central Etobicoke High School offers a unique approach to address the curriculum needs of our students.


The structure of our Collaborative Community and School Programming Committee has enhanced the functioning of the School Council. It has allowed for increased and dynamic participation by the wider community involving parents, agencies, social workers, school and Board staff, and students. This creates supports for students and parents by connecting with community agencies, and enhances opportunities for experiential learning, and the transition to the workplace and post secondary education.