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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Richview Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Richview Collegiate Institute, a caring and safe  English and French Immersion school with strong community ties, rigorously prepares its diverse student population to be well-rounded future leaders and lifelong learners through extensive academic and co-curricular programs. RCI has been an integral part of the Etobicoke community since 1958. It has earned its reputation as a strong academic institution through the combined efforts of students, parents and teachers.  Its programs have been designed to better prepare students for the rigours of a post-secondary education and Richview students continually find success in their post-secondary pathways.

The school perennially achieves top marks in the province-wide literacy test. In science and math competitions, Richview students repeatedly place in the top 10%.  RCI provides strong leadership programming in all grades and boasts extensive, incomparable athletics opportunities.  Our arts program of music, drama and visual studies enable students to flourish and further their skills in a variety of performance and excursion settings. Our Co-op program offers students a variety of work experiences in diverse fields such as health, law, media, information technology, education, skilled trades and retail. This gives students an opportunity to experience "hands-on" learning.

French Immersion and Extended

Teachers, support staff and administrators have developed an outstanding and challenging curriculum that enables students to reach their potential. Over fifty percent of our enrollment is comprised of students in our rich and varied French Immersion and Extended French programs.  Our programming is unique, in that we run a dual-track school, focusing on both French and English instruction.  At the same time, students from both tracks are fully integrated: they participate together in all of the school's leadership, sporting and club activities and share classes in English, Math, Science and Phys-Ed and others.

Richview has partnered internationally hosting delegations of educators most from Chile, Denmark and Italy; never content to rest on our laurels, best practices are sought and shared.

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Co-Curricular Activities

To compliment a strong academic experience, students are encouraged to enrich their learning by participating in the full extra curricular activities available at the school. The numerous & diverse teams and clubs ensure that the interest & enthusiasm of each student is encouraged & fostered. We offer some 80 clubs & teams in which students can participate!

All parents expect a learning community that is safe, inclusive and nurturing. Richview staff partner with parents and the community to maintain its exemplary safety record with regular fire and lockdown drills, safety inspections and emphasis on respect for one another and our facility. To wit, our hallways are quiet during instructional time and our suspension rate is among the lowest in the system. Parents participate meaningfully in our Caring and Safe School Committee.

Leadership Initiatives

RCI IS vibrant leadership with camps at Muskoka Woods and Mono Cliffs; our curriculum- related conferences and competitions compliment the Students', Athletic and Arts Councils. The Gr. 11 Leadership Course, Girls Empowerment and  Principal's Advisory provide students with either mentoring or leadership; and, each May alumni return to support the next generation.

Music students thrive in 9 ensembles and have visited Halifax and Chicago. Students produced plays in the National Theatre (formallySears) Festival have won top prizes at the Provincial level.

School-Wide Designations and Special Features

Richview is a destination school.  We are a Gold Level Eco School.  Special features include a tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics.  We feature strong EQAO scores in Math and English, currently 85% and 92% respectively and a reputation as Athletic Champions- our true strength is high-level participation!

Student Success Initiatives

A variety of supports are put in place to promote student success: Homework Club, Peer Tutoring and Principal's Advisory Group support, Credit Rescue and our Credit Recovery programs.  In addition we offer a Special Education Resource Centre and a variety of literacy and numeracy initiatives. At Richview, we ensure that no students "fall between the cracks."

Additional Features

  • Character Education
  • Pep Rallies
  • School Trips Abroad
  • Coop Education
  • Engineering Idol Competition
  • Concours d'art Oratoire
  • Central Location,Community Outreach
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Student Life - Where You Belong


"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" Martin Luther King
At Richview, we are proud of promoting the development of character in addition to academics and extracurricular initiatives. Richview offers something for everyone from  sports and clubs to competitions, conferences and concerts.  If a group doesn't exist for you, we'll help you start one!  All of these take place in a supportive, safe and caring environment in which all our students are able to realize their potential.  We see character building en Francais, through athletics and within our leadership programs.  The Modern Languages department develops student leaders through competitions such as Concours d'art oratoire, while the Athletics Department supports growth through commitment, dedication, integrity, strength and good sportsmanship.  Whether it's a competitive team or a fun game of dodgeball at lunch, our students learn teamwork and good manners while having a lot of fun.  Our 9 character values were defined by our very own leadership students and they represent the spirit of comraderie which is so evident at our leadership camps, our hallways and within our community.


We are home to Etobicoke's French Immersion and French Extended programs.  Over 50% of our students are enrolled in French programming and are working toward earning a certificate in French Language (10 credits - certificate, 11 credits - honours certificate).  Richview is an inclusive school with strong school spirit and a polite, friendly and welcoming environment where students feel at home and visitors are made to feel welcome.  Be spell-bound at one of our pep rallies where the whole student body is in the gymnasium cheering each other on, or look down the halls between classes and see the number of students wearing RCI clothing with pride!  During instructional time, our classrooms are busy and our hallways are empty - student safety is of utmost importance.
Richview is also one  few schools in Toronto that runs on a non-semestered, year-long schedule (meaning all classes last all year on an alternating day schedule).


Strong and successful student-led Charity Drives - Strong Cooperative Education Program involving partnerships with the business community - Student Leadership works with our feeder schools - Annual blood donor drive for both students and the community at large - Community partnerships with post secondary institutions - Active and involved Parent Council - High participation of parents at school events - sports, music concerts, drama nights etc. Our community out-reach work has helped to establish a strong and committed partnership between the school and the local community. The Braeburn holiday is 20 years in the making of providing a holiday extravaganza for less fortunate youngsters.