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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

North Albion Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Welcome to North Albion Collegiate Institute! Established in 1962, North Albion continues to empower students to become dynamic citizens while offering a strong academic program. We provide our students with opportunities to strive towards excellence in academic, social and athletic pursuits, service towards the common good for all, and truth in their actions and contributions to society. North Albion promotes positive student leadership through a range of student driven co-curricular activities. Our school community represents the diversity of Canada. Over 50 languages are spoken by our students, representing communities and cultures from across the world. NACI is truly a global village, conveniently located in the heart of Rexdale.


NACI is proud to be offering an MST(L) program STEM@NACI as well as a SHSM in Business. These programs presents a unique blend of learning using STEM and Business / Entrepreneurial frameworks that offer students robust and diverse learning experiences. Through STEM and Business content areas students can collaborate and build meaningful opportunities for enrichment and resume building. We are sure that these programs will provide your child with a competitive learning experience.

 As well, NACI is proud to  

We offer DUAL CREDIT courses with local universities and colleges, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship opportunities available. There are rich co-curricular opportunities in the performing arts, athletics, service clubs, robotics, and student leadership. We have a strong commitment to equity, service to the community and positive conflict resolution. 

More Information About North Albion Collegiate Institute


North Albion strives for excellence in all athletic pursuits. Consistently, NACI has the distinction of sending our teams to city and provincial championships.  North Albion is home to a diverse variety of fall, winter and spring session sports coached by our dedicated, knowledgeable staff and community members.


NACI offers exceptional arts courses and experiences for all grade levels in the following subjects: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. The arts programs welcome all skill levels and enable students to discover and / or refine their craft while developing confidence and critical thinking skills in a fun inclusive environment. 

Performance and experiential learning opportunities are endless: our dance and music students attend artistic excursions as well as have opportunities to perform at our end of semester Arts Showcase, school assemblies and feeder schools. Additionally, our NACI Dance Pak (dance & cheerleading) performs for school-wide events and participates in the annual TDSB Creates Dance & Spoken Word Showcase. 

SHSM in Business

A Specialist High School Major (SHSM) is a Ministry approved specialized program where students can focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements for the OSSD. We offer students in Gr 11 & 12 the opportunity to explore career of interest and to acquire the skills and experience that will assist them in their post-secondary pathway.

NACI’s Business SHSM is the first in our Learning Network of TDSB schools.  NACI's Business SHSM has made productive and robust partnerships that will be most impactful to our students' experience and learning.

We will continue to work to align ourselves with innovative brands, vendors, institutions in order to provide our students with meaningful experiential learning opportunities. 


Do you have an interest in Math, Science or Technology?
Students choosing this program will have their Gr 9 & 10 science and technology classes together. Hands-on technological kits will be integrated into so that students can complete projects that are hands-on and self-directed. In Gr 12, student course options increase to support a wide variety of pathways.

Students acquire skills and gain experience in the fields of digital and media technologies, transportation, woodworking and constructions. Our Robotics Team has competed at various provincial and international challenges. NACI students have the opportunity to explore careers in the various fields of technology through comprehensive co-operative education placements. 

Additional Features

  • Multicultural Events
  • Enhanced Technology in Classrooms
  • Student Leadership
  • Automotive & Construction Shop
  • Competitions: Math/Science/Business
  • Partnerships with Feeder Schools
  • Partnerships with Colleges
  • Partnerships with Universities

Student Life - Where You Belong


When you join our school you become a part of a family where members work together with a strong focus on community and leadership development. We are committed to improving success of all students and achieve this by providing a diverse variety of student programs and co-curricular activities. Whether you are interested in the performing arts, athletics, health and wellness, automotive and other technological studies, or preserving the environment, NACI has a program for you. We value and celebrate the cultural experiences and ethnic backgrounds of our students when planning academic and co-curricular programs.  Our students can participate in a variety of clubs/teams/activities, from Bollywood Dancing, Basketball teams, Chess Club to Soccer and Steel Pan Band. 
This is what our students say:
"There are many clubs at NACI which help me become more confident and outgoing"
"You Should come to NACI because there is so much to offer.  They have lots of clubs, sports and the staff advisors are amazing!"
"There is always a teacher or someone else to help me when I have questions.  They're always here early and will always be there when we need someone to talk to"


North Albion is a student focused environment, emphasizing compassion, positive attitude, relevance and engagement within the classroom. Collaboration between teachers is encouraged in order to increase opportunities for students. NACI not only strives to improve academic opportunities for our students but also aims to promote social, emotional and character growth for all.

North Albion has the distinction of being the only TDSB high school to contain a fully functional health clinic within the building. This partnership allows NACI students and their families contact with trustworthy and accessible medical practitioners in order to receive assistance with medical health concerns. The health clinic at North Albion serves as a model for other schools while contributing to the overall health and wellness of the NACI community.
Our students say:
"NACI is helping me to be a successful student.  The teachers and staff set high expectations and are really pushing us to be the best we can be."


Settlement and Education Partnerships Toronto (SEPT)/Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) - supports students and families new to Canada
Partnership with Albion Neighbourhood Services, Albion Boys and Girls Club and Pathways to Education - offering mentoring, tutoring and after school programs
Partnership with post-secondary institutions offering dual credit programs. 
Active School Council
"NACI is the school where your child will learn, smile and have new experiences.  NACI prepares and supports the entire community"