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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12



Kipling Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Kipling Collegiate Institute (KCI) is a diverse, dynamic and growing school with a strong academic focus that is enhanced by our unique Science, Technology, Engineering & Math program. STEM is embedded across the curriculum. With 3 distinct SHSM programs, students can focus their interests towards meeting the needs of their future education.
At Kipling, we believe in nurturing the needs of the whole learner. We offer an excellent academic program integrated with modern technology, active community service and a wide range of clubs and activities. We are a small, multicultural community school prioritizing respect, dignity and understanding for each individual and the community as a whole.

KCI is a school that develops leadership through participation in a variety of school and community activities.   The development of the whole student, both academically and socially, is the goal of the many caring adults who work with your child everyday. A strong extracurricular and athletic program contributes to, and fosters a positive and nurturing learning environment for all students. KCI has a strong emphasis on remediation and support programs to enhance academic success for all students through in-class and extra-curricular initiatives. 

TV & Film Broadcasting & Production Program

From grades 9 through 12, we offer courses where students gain expertise in all aspects of film and television production. In the junior grades , students are introduced to communications technology software.  In grades 11 & 12, students work with state-of-the-art software and editing equipment to produce a daily television broadcast called "Switch On". This program is unique to Kipling and affords students the chance to work in an industry-standard digital broadcast studio. The program teaches students how to work under tight deadlines and create a program for broadcast everyday.

More Information About Kipling Collegiate Institute

Science Technology Engineering & Math Program

As a STEM school, we infuse technology across the curriculum. Our  broadcast program and our computer engineering program provide two unique curricular options for students. 
Teachers in all subjects use technology to engage students and provide them with opportunities such as our Middle School Science Olympics to put their learning into action. 

Leadership Program

We have a multi-level leadership program where students develop their skills & earn certification. The leadership club organizes a day trip for grade 9 students and an overnight leadership camp. The students host anti-bullying & equity workshops, participate in "Me to We" social justice initiatives and organize numerous fundraisers for the school & community.

Student Support

We offer targeted and intentional support to meet the learning needs of all students through:
  • Literacy and Numeracy Bootcamps
  • Grade Nine Orientation & Head Start Programs
  • Resource Room with technology available to all students
  • Credit Rescue/Recovery
  • ESL/LEAP Programs
  • Cooperative Education & Dual Credit

Environment and Equity Initiatives

Gold Eco-School
Enviro-Link club 
Roof top Solar Panel School  
Earth Day Activities 
Anti Racist Education 
Equity Committee
Africentric Curriculum & Resources

Additional Features

  • University & College Prep courses
  • Tutoring and homework club
  • Arts & Multicultural Nights
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Sports & Intramurals
  • Breakfast Program
  • Student Council & other clubs
  • Master Chef Competition

Student Life - Where You Belong


KCI is a vibrant school that offers a full complement of clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Our students know they can make a difference and annually raise funds for many worthwhile organizations. Students are recognized at school events like the:
  • Annual Grad Breakfast
  • Student Recognition and Awards Assembly
  • Commencement
  • Digital Storytelling
Our athletics are organized by teachers and students through the Kipling Athletics Association. The following sports are offered through lunchtime intramurals and teams:
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Baseball - Team only
  • Cricket - Team only
  • Floor Hockey - Intramurals only
  • Soccer 
  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field - Team only
In addition to our leadership and Enviro-link clubs, we have an active Student Council that organizes events throughout the year. A variety of other clubs meet during the lunch hour and provide students the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of school life. 


KCI is a strong community school with a technology focus that is integrated through our STEM program. We promote an academic focus with a full offering of courses for all university and college programs. We value all pathways and offer experiential and cooperative education opportunities to support learners who are interested in apprenticeship and work.
As a school community, each day we live our motto of Respect, Responsibility and Role Model. KCI is a diverse community of learners; each of whom brings his/her own distinct contribution to our  school. Our goal is to foster success for each learner through unique and varied programming. 
Staff and students at KCI embody a culture of caring and concern for each other. We believe all students should be provided opportunities in academics, social and leadership settings within our school. Our staff members are available to offer extra help to students and are engaged in extra curricular activities throughout the year to assist and mentor students.


We are fortunate to welcome many volunteers who support the excellent programs at KCI. Our newcomer students benefit from daily lunchtime tutoring provided by our community volunteers, and our settlement worker supports the transition needs of  their families. We appreciate our alumni who return to KCI each year to offer assistance with our Homework Club. Our breakfast program runs twice a week and offers students a nutritious start to the day. 

KCI has many community partnerships including:
  • Kingsview Free Methodist Church 
  • Pathways to Education
  • Rexdale Community Health Centre
  • Toronto Foundation for Student Success
  • Toronto Public Health
  • Toronto Parks and Recreation
  • Yorktown Family Services