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David Hornell Junior School's Mission Statement

David Hornell Junior School, built in 1961, is located in the community of Mimico, very close to Lake Ontario. Named after Mimico resident and World War II flying ace and Victoria Cross recipient, Flight Lieutenant David Hornell, the school proudly displays its heritage on an outdoor plaque and with an extensive display of memorabilia in the front hall.  The school community honours his memory annually on Remembrance Day. The school serves a diverse population of students. For many of them, David Hornell School is their first link with Canadian culture. A large number of our students speak another language at home while they acquire English skills at school. As they work and play with others their communication skills develop quickly. 


Character Education

 Positive contributions to the school are recognized every month at our Victory and Virtue Assembly. Parents attend to see their children receive an award and a book purchased  with funds from Parent Council.
Our  students participate each year in a variety of activities to increase their understanding of the needs of all children. The school participates in the Terry Fox Run and Jump Rope for Heart. We collect food for the local food bank and this year are collecting toys to support a project with our School Liaison Police Officer from 22 Division.

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Throughout the day, teachers work to include concepts of equity as they interact with students. Inclusive resources and curriculum materials are continually added to the school's program supports.  Specific events such as Black History Month and Asian Heritage Month are recognized. In the library, students are introduced to books from many cultures and traditions.

Music Program

The Arts are important at David Hornell School. The school choir participates in concerts and other special events. These clubs help the students learn the value of  practice and team work. Visual arts provide students with another way to see the world  and express ideas and feelings.

Sports Activities

Our students participate in a variety of activities which promote health, fitness and cooperation. They practise for cross country running and track and field events and go to regional meets. Again this winter 4 grade 5  boys and girls learned to play hockey through a school board program. Students also like to jump rope and play games like 4-square, basketball and soccer.

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2011 our students choose a name for our school teams, "The David Hornell Flying Aces" Two students worked together to create the logo pictured here. It is now proudly displayed on new school sports tee shirts.

Student Leadership

Our students participate in a variety of leadership activities to build their confidence and self esteem. Students help others new to school, help in the library, the kindergartens and with recycling. Every day one student leads the announcements. On Remembrance Day, two Grade 5 students confidently lead the ceremony for the parents, veterans and  dignitaries who attend.

Additional Features

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Full Day Kindergarten Program
  • Welcome to Kindergarten (May)
  • ESL Teacher
  • Morning Meal Program
  • Primary Book Bag Program
  • Outdoor Classroom

Student Life - Where You Belong


The school day at David Hornell Public School begins with a student leading the announcements. All students from grades K -5 take turns throughout the year being annnouncers. For the first part of the morning the students are engaged in literacy activities.   These could include reading, writing, oral language or media literacy lessons. A nutritious morning snack, arranged through the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, is delivered to classes at about 9:30, five days a week. After a break for recess many classes do math lessons but depending on the day others have music, gym or study other subjects. 
Some of our students go home for lunch but many stay and eat at school. After they eat, the students go outside to play under the supervision of our lunch room supervisors. Extra curricular activities such as basketball, reading clubs, lego club, or board games are offered by the teachers during lunchtime at different times throughout the year.
In the afternoon our grade 4 and 5 students have French classes. Social studies, science, drama, gym, visual arts and music are generally taught in the afternoon.
The students are actively engaged learning together throughout each day.


Every day at David Hornell School is a day for learning. One important day every year provides unique learning experiences for the whole school community. That day is November 11th, Remembrance Day. This school is the only school in Toronto that is named after a Victoria Cross winner. The school was named so that David Hornell and his accomplishments would not be forgotten. In 1977 the Ontario Government placed one of its large blue and gold historical plaques in front of the school so that the story of his life would be remembered. The David Hornell Gallery was opened in the school on November 11th, 1999. Our school Coat of Arms shows the Victoria Cross won by Flight-Lieutenant David Hornell. The albatross represents the Royal Canadian Air Force. The colours chosen are the blue of the sky and the bronze of the medal. A replica of the medal is on display in the school.

Through the fund raising efforts of our Parent Council, and with the support of community partners, an Outdoor Classroom and Butterfly Garden was installed in our playground in the summer of 2014.


David Hornell School has an active Parent Council that meets regularly. They raise funds to support our literacy program and a variety of student activities. They strive to reach out to involve more parents in school activities. Parent volunteers help with our Morning Meal Program. Families participate in concerts, Snuggle-Up-And-Read and family literacy, math or science initiatives. Toronto Police Services or the Fire Department provide safety presentations, and students visit Mimico Library. The participation of government representatives, war veterans and the Royal Canadian Legion in our Remembrance Day Assembly is a special part of the culture of this school. Our Welcome to Kindergarten  evening each spring supports our youngest students and their parents as they begin their journey at school.