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Mill Valley Junior School's Mission Statement

Mill Valley Junior School is a small Kindergarten to Grade 5 school with a strong sense of community. The school officially opened on December 8, 1969. It was built as an open-concept school. Over the years walls have been erected in the pod areas to create separate classrooms.
In September 2018 Mill Valley opened a Diagnostic Kindergarten class. The Mill Valley Child Care Centre is located on the second floor.
Mill Valley's school crest depicts a mill in the valley along Etobicoke Creek. Just as the waters of the creek kept the mill wheel moving, we at Mill Valley Junior School endeavour to keep the education of our students ever-moving to keep them in tune with our ever-changing world.



Code of Behaviour

Every child has the right to
- learn to the fullest of their abilities
- work and play in a safe environment
- be free from all discrimination
Every child has the responsibility to
- attend school regularly and on time
- be prepared for school
- work to the best of his/her ability
- cooperate and follow rules and routines throughout the school day, including lunch time, recess, and transitions
- be respectful of all people through appropriate words and actions
- show respect for and pride in our school and personal property
- follow the guidelines for safety

The Code of Behaviour

Positive behaviour and good citizenship are the expected norms in our school.

We believe in progressive discipline and character education to create a co-operative learning environment at Mill Valley. It is important that learners are respectful, caring, empathetic, and coopertive.

More Information About Mill Valley Junior School

Eco School - Silver Designation

Mill Valley has achieved a Gold Eco School designation.  Students are recycling in the classrooms, in the lunch room, and in the play yard.  Mill Valley's habitarium, aquarium, butterfly release and tadpole to frog transformation provide our students with an opportunity to gain a sense of community that fosters an appreciation of wildlife within our very walls. 

Special Programs at Mill Valley Junior School

Mill Valley is supported by an itinerant ESL teacher to help teachers and English Language Learners. 
The Methods and Resource Teacher and Special Education teacher assist at-risk and special education students in the HSP and Resource programs.
In September of 2018, Mill Valley opened a Diagnostic Kindergarten class.

Welcome to Kindergarten

Mill Valley Junior School is pleased to participate in a joint partnership of the TDSB and The Learning Partnership in the Welcome to Kindergarten program.  To get off to a great start, students newly enrolled in Junior or Senior Kindergarten, and their parents, are invited to a special Welcome to Kindergarten event. 

Thumbs Up - Character Education Assemblies

At Mill Valley, classes come together for Character Building and Grandfather Teachings Assemblies that focus on the TDSB character attributes of  Respect, Co-operation, Responsibility, Teamwork, Honesty, Kindness and Caring, Empathy, Integrity, Fairness, and Perseverance and the Grandfather Teachings in their programs. 

Additional Features

  • Pizza Fridays - Lunch Lady Tuesday
  • Terry Fox Walk
  • School Wide Trip
  • Skating Program
  • Open Concept Library
  • Computer Lab and SmartBoard
  • Mill Valley Child Care Centre
  • Junior Choir - Grades 3, 4 and 5

Student Life - Where You Belong


A postive school climate where children can learn and play with friends is what student life is all about.  Here's what some of our students have to say about their Favourite Memory at Mill Valley Junior School:
"100's Day because I got candy and it was fun."
"When my class gets gym!"
"When I did announcements because I liked doing them and it was very interesting talking to the whole school."
"Soccer Baseball because my team won almost every game and because it was fun!"
"I really like art and soccer."
"When we get recess!"
"Playing on the Adventure Playground with our friends because there's lots of games to play."
"The Fun Fair.  I like the bouncey castle and dunking the Grade 5's in the dunk tank."


Our Teachers
The teachers at Mill Valley Junior School ensure that they are meeting the needs of every child that walks through the doors.  They strive for educational excellence and they ensure that at our students are prepared for the 21st Century. 
Our Support Staff
Mill Valley's support staff is simply the best!  Our Office Administrator is always available to help and support students, as well as families.  Our Lunchroom supervisors really care about your child in the lunchroom and on the playground.  The caretaking staff ensure that the building is a clean and inviting learning environment.  Our Educational Assistant helps students and teachers to maximize learning.
Our Parents
Mill Valley parents care deeply about the school community and they are an integral part of the school.  Parents support the school through fundraising initiatives, as well as volunteering for a variety of school based initiatives.
What really sets Mill Valley Junior School apart?   OUR STUDENTS!


Parent Involvement
Mill Valley Junior School has an active School Council.  Every year, the School Council organizes a Family Fun Fair in June with the help of parent and teacher volunteers.  Parent volunteers assist in the school library, classrooms and with special events.  There is a Parent Information and Resource Centre in the school foyer to provide resources for parents.
Community Involvement
- Toronto Police Service safety programs for students
- Fire Department safety program and resources
- Public Library visits
- Public Health Nurse visits and presentations
- Collaboration with community/ social agencies:  e.g., Etobicoke Olympium, Centennial   Arena
- Practice teacher placements