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Greenholme Junior Middle School's Mission Statement

Greenholme, overlooking the Humber River, is located in the heart of one of the earliest planned Metro Toronto Housing communities. When it opened, it was the only school in the area. Our Kindergarten to Grade 8 school serves approximately 350 students, in a dual track school.  Junior Level Extended French program classes start in Grade 4. We have five Special Education Program classes to address the specific needs of students.  Over 50 languages are spoken in this diverse inner city environment.  A large school-aged day care centre is housed in the school. Greenholme J.M.S. is also an eco-school.   

Greenholme J.M.S. is fortunate enough to have a Breakfast Program that provides hot meals to students on a daily basis. There is also a daily snack program that provides students with healthy snacks.After school, there is a Boys and Girls Club and Beyond 3:30 Program for students. 

Greenholme J.M.S. Local School Plans

At Greenholme we will improve student achievement in Literacy and Math by fostering a culture of authentic student engagement, student voice and a sense of belonging. We will be intentionally and strategically focusing on furthering student achievement for students working at a Level 2 or below. We will be continuing our journey with outreach to our community and parent engagement to support achievement and well-being. Teachers collaborate, plan and share their expertise by being a  part of a School Committee: Literacy, Numeracy, Well Being, Equity, Safe and Caring Schools,  Technology and Science. 

More Information About Greenholme Junior Middle School

Literacy School Improvement Plan

Greenholme Junior Middle School has a Literacy improvement planning team.  Our staff is focused on incorporating a collaborative inquiry approach to improve our literacy achievement levels and engage students in literacy on a regular basis. We will be intentionally focusing on guided reading and embedding Inclusive Design with the classroom Literacy programs.

Numeracy School Improvement Plan

Greenholme has a Numeracy improvement plan that focuses on students improving their math achievement levels at all grades by incorporating differentiated assessment strategies and engaging them in real and meaningful math instruction. The teachers will be intentionally focusing on three part math lesson consolidation, and rich tasks (multi-step and open-response).

Community, Culture, Caring School Improvement Plan

Our Safe and Caring School Improvement Plan is made up of three parts:  parent/community engagement, safe and caring schools and equity. We will deepen our understanding of our school community and develop a strength base lens that will support our work with students, families and communities. 

We will work closely with outside agencies to deepen our knowledge of our school community to support the well-being of each and every student.


Our focus is on improving student achievement as they move through the various transitions between grades, classes and programs. 

Additional Features

  • Future Aces
  • Generation Chosen Program
  • DAREarts
  • Breakfast Program
  • Beyond 3:30 p.m.
  • Hot lunch Program
  • Inspiring Minds Program
  • Homework Club

Student Life - Where You Belong


Student Leadership
There is a clear focus on developing students' leadership abilities at Greenholme J.M.S. 


Model School for Inner Cities
Greenholme J.M.S. is a school that is included in the Model School for Inner Cities initiative.


Partnerships with local secondary schools, Humber College and York University - Collaboration with the local Residents' Association and a partnership promoting safety with our local police - Model Schools Cluster involvement - Toronto Public libraries will help develop literacy skills in the community - Partnership with GH Wood Foundation and Macaulay Child Development Centre to deliver an after-school Homework Club - - - - - - A School Council with active members, who meet regularly. - Parent volunteers who regularly assist in our classrooms. - Annual Greenholme JMS BBQ in Spring, hosted by School Council. - School Council fundraising activities. - Parent participation in Family Literacy and Numeracy events. - - - - -