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Smithfield Middle School's Mission Statement

Smithfield Middle School is an inner-city school located in Rexdale, in the northwest corner of Toronto. Smithfield originated as a longhouse in 1845.  It was upgraded to brick in 1874 and was officially opened in 1966. Currently  we serve 650 learners who represent a very diverse and multi-ethnic population and speak approximately 30 different languages. We have a diverse, highly motivated and committed staff. Our inclusive curriculum reflects the diversity of our school community. Smithfield students take great pride in wearing their navy and white  uniforms.

We are committed to providing equitable access to programs and multiple learning paths, particularly through the application of differentiated learning strategies. Through the infusion of the arts (music, drama, dance, visual arts, family studies, computers, design and technology) into their core curriculum, all students are given optimal opportunities for practical and hands-on learning so they can become active participants in their own education.

Mission and Vision Statements

Smithfield Middle School is committed to developing an inclusive atmosphere where every child is cared for academically, spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

At Smithfield, we are committed to creating a safe and orderly environment where our students’ self-esteem can flourish, as they become knowledgeable, creative individuals striving to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to awakening the brilliance that lies within our learners, making them courageous, confident and creative builders of their future.

More Information About Smithfield Middle School

Global Village

At Smithfield Middle School, students are learning about Social Justice Issues and are developing a Social Conscience. With the support of their teachers, students are taking action to create a better school, local community and world. This program empowers students to become the next generation of Canadian leaders.

Smithfield Hospitality

Visitors to Smithfield are frequently pleased to be greeted by a friendly smile and a student saying "Welcome to Smithfield. Hope you have a great day!" As part of our Character Development program, we are teaching students that manners matter.

The Arts

Smithfield offers a wide range of artistic experiences that enrich student learning and help students to learn about world cultures. Through steel pan, strings, band, choir and world music instruments, students are motivated to create using sound. Smithfield's talented Arts teachers support students in learning to express their ideas visually and through movement. 


Smithfield's Athletics program is a very important part of the overall development of our students. Through high quality Physical Education programs, sports and intramurals, our students develop skills, fitness and a lifelong love of physical activity.

Additional Features

  • Vibrant Clubs and Activities
  • Nutrition Program
  • Student Lead Social Action
  • Beyond 3:30
  • Special Education
  • Family Studies Instruction

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Smithfield, we value students as individuals. We recognize,  accommodate and celebrate their learning abilities and talents. Through TDSB and community partnerships, we provide many innovative programs and opportunities for all students to participate and excel. These specialized initiatives ensure the development of the whole child.
Some of these programs and initiatives are:
-Music Programs
-Lunchtime Intramurals
-Spelling Bee Clubs
-Reading Clubs
-Peer Mediation with North Albion Collegiate Institute
-Chess Club
-Robotics Club
-Entrepeneurship Program
-Student Ambassadors
-Boys to Men and Girls to Women Programs
-Athletic Clubs and Teams including baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, slo-pitch, soccer, volleyball, cricket
-Library Club
-Student Council
-Eco Schools "Green Raiders" Club
-Technology Clubs
-Student Leadership Opportunities
-Outdoor Education Camps
-Future Aces
-School-wide Skiing
-Etobicoke Field Studies Program
-Albion Hills Program
-Crawford Lake Excursions
-Remedial and Enrichment Academic Programs
-Yearbook Club


We are proud to have a very committed team of teachers and support staff members who deliver our specialized student-centred programs at Smithfield:
-Single Gender Classes and Programs
-Reading in Action
-Math Enrichment
-Cricket Program
-Specialized Music Programs (Guitar, African Drums, Steel Pan, Strings, Band, Recorder, Instruments from India) 
-Nutrition Program
-Beyond 3:30 Program
-Me to We Team
-Extravaganza and Curriculum Showcase Night
-Transitions (Grade 5 to 6 and 8 to 9)
-SEPT Leadership


- Smithfield Community School Program - North Albion Collegiate Institute - co-op program - The Learning Partnership and associated business partners - Mount Olive/Jamestown Community Task Force - Rexdale Community Services Sector - Student teachers from local universities - Humber College Nursing Partnership Fair - - - - School Council with a growing number of parent members - Parent and community volunteers - Settlement and Education Partnership in Toronto (SEPT) - Entrepreneur studies - Partnership With Humber College Nursing Students. - - - - -