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Kingsview Village Junior School's Mission Statement

Kingsview Village was opened on December 16, 1956.  It is a large and diverse inner city school situated in a high-density area in Etobicoke. To help students reach their full potential Kingsview was selected as a Phase II Inner City Model School in 2007. Kingsview has a collaborative culture that embraces the needs of all of our stakeholder groups. Our students are our primary focus, and we work diligently to promote their success. Our staff is a cohesive and dedicated group of professionals, who continually strive for excellence.  Our community embodies all the strengths of their diverse cultural backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences and enriching our school culture.

As the HUB of the community, working together with students, families, schools, and partnerships, we embrace "strength-based" teaching and learning practices, through a "Growth Mindset" lens.

Community Partnerships

We celebrate our community partnerships, such as International Languages, Humber College, Toronto Public Health, and Connecting Families.  Our ongoing partnerships with our Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, P.L.A.S.P., the Somali Women and Children's Support Network, Toronto Parks and Recreation, Rexdale Women's Centre, and Settlement & Education Partnerships (SEPT), located within the school, strive to meet the needs of our community. Our partnerships extend to the Faculties of Education at Ontario universities, the Faculty of Nursing at Humber College, and Faculties of Medicine and Engineering from the University of Toronto. 

In collaboration with our community partners, we provide a before-and-after Kindergarten program through P.L.A.S.P., and a variety of extra-curricular programs. We are delighted to welcome the University of Toronto Engineering students to work with our Grade 3, 4, and 5 classes on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects.  Please feel free to visit the Model Schools website at

More Information About Kingsview Village Junior School

School-wide Literacy & Mathematics Focus

- Balanced/comprehensive literacy programs
- Promoting and developing equity focused programs that embed technology, an inclusive culture of respect, and critical thinking, through a social justice lens.
- Continued commitment to program planning, implementation and integration of technology in language and mathematics.

Science and Technology

- Developing environmental programs with TDSB Eco-Schools
- Integrating technology in cross-curricular contexts, JK/SK to Grade 5, (e.g., iPADs, Smartboards, Elmo, MCS netbooks)
- Integration of technology & applications to enhance students' skills, understanding, and thinking 
- Interactive exploration of science at all grades (e.g., Science Fair, Robotics, S.T.E.M.)

Our Early Years programs fosters opportunities for young children to immerse themselves in iPAD technology, Promethean boards, Smartboards, and hands-on inquiry into problem-solving using a collaborative inquiry approach.

Character Education

Kingsview is a Future Aces and Tribes school, focusing character traits, such as mutual respect, as an important part of our school culture.  Students may take on leadership roles such as the Student Social Justice League, P.A.L.S., Student Huddle-Up Committee, Ambassadors, and join extra-curricular teams (e.g., Green Team, Lego-League, Keyboard Club, Tech Team etc.). 

Student voice and leadership fosters development of learning skills, life skills, and teamwork skills. Our student Social Justice League supports organizations such as "Free The Children", and meets regularly to discuss, explore, and learn about character education, critical thinking and problem-solving, through individual goal-setting, local and global citizenry perspectives as 21st century thinkers.

Regular Instructional Programs

-Languages: English, English as a Second Language, and French
-Mathematics, Science, and Technology, S.T.E.M.
-Arts: Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance
-Social Studies, Health and Physical Education
-As 21st century thinkers, students are immersed in rich tasks that foster opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

Additional Features

  • Special Education Programs
  • Character Education
  • Dramatic Arts: Live Productions
  • Learning through the Arts
  • Athletic Teams
  • Homework Club
  • Music: African Drumming, Concerts
  • Nutrition Programs

Student Life - Where You Belong


A strong school spirit permeates throughout Kingsview Village.  With a number of varied extra curricular activities including Lego League Robotics, Keyboard Club, Global Dignity Day, Choir, a variety of Reading Clubs, Sports Programs, the Green Team, Right-to-Play, and PALS (Lunchroom Leaders and Playground Activity Leaders), students have opportunities to explore and develop their interests and talents. The Playground Activity Leaders (PALS), and Right-to-Play student leaders act as positive role models in lunchroom classes and on the playground during recesses. The leadership team of grade five students assist with school operations as announcers, ambassadors, and office helpers.  Monthly Future Ace assemblies and ongoing parent events (e.g., Family Math Night, Science Fair, Family Literacy Night, Family Wellness and Fitness Nights), and concerts, provide opportunities for students to celebrate their achievements!


We are a TRIBES and Future Aces school incorporating positive social values such as mutual respect, active listening, and an inclusive culture, based on the Joyce Epstein Action Team Partnership Plan. Our School Council meets monthly to discuss current educational issues, school programming and fundraising.  Additional programs include:   
*Parents as Tutors facilitated by our teacher/librarian
*Parent workshops collaboratively selected by parents, caregivers, our Community Support Workers, Settlement Worker, Toronto Public Health
*Parent volunteers in classrooms, library, and nutrition programs
*A Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, mornings and afternoons, 4 days per week, providing support for pre-school aged children and their parents/guardians
*Community events held after school to build community relationships, facilitate access to available community services, programs, and agencies
*Model Schools for Inner Cities Cluster D5 Parent Meetings (CPAC) to engage and empower parents, and provide input about their school and communities
*Hot lunch and mid-morning meal


Kingsview Village Jr. School is proud and honored to continue with Community partnerships such as:
*S.P.L.C. (Somali Parents Liaison Coalition)
*The Somali Women's and Children's Support Network
*International Language classes through TDSB Continuing Education
*The Kingsview Free Methodist Church
*Rexdale Women's Centre
*Etobicoke Children's Centre
*Toronto Parks and Recreation,Toronto
*Baptist Intercultural Society (TBIS)
*Parent and community volunteers
*Co-op students from Kipling C.I., Thistletown C.I. and Scarlett Heights
*Humber College nursing students
*Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE/UT)
*Toronto Public Health
*Police and Fire Department 
*Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto
*Faculty of Engineering of the University of Toronto
*Arts for Children
*Prologue Performances
*"Free the Children" organization