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Westway Junior School's Mission Statement

Westway Junior School is a one level junior school (JK - 5), located east of Kipling and north of The Westway in a quiet residential neighbourhood. The school playground adjoins a large public park providing our students with plenty of opportunity to explore nature and play. Both our school's staff and student body reflect Toronto's diversity and we take every opportunity to celebrate our differences and commonalities. We host Gold Circle Daycare which accommodates approximately 60 children ranging in age from 2.5 -10 years. 

Westway Junior School has gone Green! We are in the third year our Eco Schools initiative to help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Our initiatives include: greening the schoolyard, active implementation of Reduce, Recycle & Reuse, lights off when not in use and Walk to School Wednesdays. We have achieved Gold Status last year and hope to continue this initiative to support the global thrust toward a greener and sustainable environment.  Westway has also partnered with the Westway Horticulture Society to beautify our school grounds. Its members work with our student body to learn about the importance of caring for and preserving nature.

Westway Mission Statement

Westway Junior School strives to meet the demands of a culturally diverse growing community. It provides a dynamic academic program, which focuses on literacy, mathematics, technology and healthy living to meet the current needs of all its learners. Westway nurtures the social development, personal growth, and leadership of each learner in a safe, friendly, challenging, and disciplined working environment.  Our focus continues to be on Literacy and Numeracy to enhance student achievement.

The Westway community believes that a school functions best when staff, learners and parents treat one another with dignity and respect, and when all members of the school community conduct themselves in a spirit of co-operation. We further believe that clear guidelines made available to all members will help us maintain both a safe and professional learning atmosphere.

More Information About Westway Junior School

Gold Circle Daycare

Our school houses a private daycare, which occupies 2 rooms in the school and accommodates children ages 2.5-10 years. We also share three classrooms with the daycare to accommodate our FDK and school age students in the Before and After Programs.

Gold Circle Daycare offers Before and After School Program for JK/SK children on regular school days and PA days (no lunch provided) at a cost depending on the type of program required for each child.

School Advisory Council

Westway School Advisory Council is very actively involved in all aspects of school life. Its members strive to set goals and implement initiatives with a specific focus on enhancing student success. All parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings, and get involved in the decision making process that impacts their children's education.

Westway PSP (Parent Safety Program)

PSP is a community based, non-confrontational program which facilitates our "KISS & Ride" zone at school.  It provides parent drivers with a safe, convenient avenue to drop off and pick up their children from school. This successful program was established in co-operation with the School Council, Parking Enforcement and TPS five years ago.

Volunteers are an integral part of life at Westway.  Parents assist the school in many different ways and we appreciate that.We always welcome parent volunteers, qualified teachers, teacher candidates Early Childhood Educators, CYW and Nursing candidates looking for placements and or classroom experience. We also host Co-op students from a variety of other educational programs.  Their expertise and experience enrich the lives and learning of the entire Westway community.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Westway continues to provide students with a broad range of opportunities and educational experiences through  excursions, live presentations and theatrical performances, sports activities, clubs, and interaction with Gold Circle Daycare.  The goal of these activities is to foster school spirit and love of learning while enhancing Westway's focus on literacy, numeracy, healthy lifestyle and positive social skills. Westway is also pleased to offer  Scoutsabout, Bollywood Dance, Heritage Languages, Arts and Crafts, Computer Club, Home Work Club, Math Games Club, Robotics Club and many other extracurricular sports throughout the year.


1. A very well established Nutrition Program: For minimal monthly cost, Westway students enjoy a healthy morning meal containing 3 food groups from Canada's Food Guide each morning.
2. Safety over Convenience - The PSP (Parent Safety Program), a community based, non-confrontational program was established in September 2011 in collaboration with the Parent Advisory Council, Toronto Police Services and the Parking Enforcement. This program has created and organized a "KISS 'N' RIDE" zone at school for dropping off and picking up of children for their safety. Volunteers are always welcome to help us out!
3. Friendly Welcoming Environment - Last year every student from kindergarten through grade five participated in decorating our hallways with colourful murals. 
4. Annual Celebration of Cultural Diversity - Our year-end concerts have become a huge success in the community. 4. Technology: Recognizing the digital age in which our children will live and work we continue to endeavour to infuse technology into teaching and learning to enhance student success.


Westway has an active and supportive Parent Advisory Council.  The council members along with parent volunteers support events such as Terry Fox Walk, Cross Country Run, Track & Field and Mayor Miller's Cleanup and all major events.
The Council's fundraising initiatives include Dance-a-Thon, Cookie & Popcorn sales on Fridays, Hallowe'en, Christmas & Valentine's Day Candy Grams and much more. Monies raised are used to fund Scientists in School, theatre presentations, gym equipment, field trips, Grade 5 graduation and much more. These extra funds enhance and enrich both student achievement and school spirit. Our parent volunteers are a great asset, they assist in the classrooms, library, field trips, ice skating on Fridays in the months of January and February, and pizza lunches throughout the year. They also work to support our Nutrition Program as well as translators for families new to Canada.