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Briarcrest Junior School's Mission Statement

Briarcrest Junior School is a JK to Grade 5 school located in the vicinity of Centennial Park (Renforth and Eglinton).  Founded in 1958,  it was closed in 1984 but reopened in 1992.  Along with our regular classes, we take pride in offering special education classes like Junior Autism and Junior Behaviour.  In addition, we have Grades 4 and 5 Extended French Programs.  At Briarcrest, we have a high level of academics, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement.  We partner with parents and other community members to enable our students to achieve the highest possible standard.  Briarcrest Child Care Centre is located in our school and accepts children from 18 months to ten years of age.


The purpose of Briarcrest Junior School is to ensure that all our students learn at high levels.  We work collaboratively as a staff, together with our school community, to achieve that purpose.  We will, therefore, continually assess our effectiveness in achieving our purpose on the basis of results - tangible evidence that our students are acquiring the knowledge, skills, and character essential to their future success.
Students are reminded each morning to "Stay Safe, Work Hard and Be Nice."

More Information About Briarcrest Junior School


At Briarcrest, we strive to ensure that Safe School programs and initiatives are fully implemented and that Character Education is an integral component of our learning goals.  By creating a calm, safe and welcoming school environment, we set the tone needed for student, staff and parents to work together to support student learning.


At Briarcrest, we strive to ensure that Professional Learning Communities promote student success using balanced literacy and numeracy programs and differentiated instruction across the grades.
Example Programs:  Borrow a Book, Early Reading Intervention, Silver Birch and Blue Spruce Reading Clubs, Math Club, Special Education Support, IEPs


At Briarcrest, we are very committed to the Eco Schools movement and continue to implement  and innovate various environmental awareness initiatives.
Example Programs: Litterless Lunch, Blue Box Recycling, Green Bins, Really Really Free Market, Earth Day Literacy, Earth Hour, Eco School's Club, etc. 


At Briarcrest, we strive to promote healthy lifestyles and infuse equity principles throughout the school community.
Example Programs: Equity Committee, Student Ambassadors, Diversity Celebrations (including but not limited to, Islamic Heritage, Asian Heritage, Aboriginal Heritage), Inclusive Curriculum and Resources, Junior Grades Mix & Mingle, Parent Workshops

Additional Features

  • Student Leadership Programs
  • Interschool Athletic Teams
  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Specialized Programs (Drama, P. E.)
  • Grades 4 & 5 Extended French
  • ICT and Smart Board Technology

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Briarcrest Junior School, students are involved in many extracurricular activities.  In the fall, we participate in the Cross Country meet.  We also have soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and track and field teams.  In February, we celebrate Bonhomme Carnival. 
Students have an opportunity to join various clubs such as chess, math, yoga, Social Justice and choir.  Briarcrest offers our junior students many opportunities to develop leadership skills through various programs such as Library Helpers, Lunch Monitors, Office Helpers, Morning Announcers, Kindergarten Assistants, or Geek Squad.


Briarcrest Junior School is actively engaged in various fundraising initiatives throughout the year to support local community groups and world sponsored organizations.   Each year we participate in Terry Fox Run, and Food and/or Toy Drive.  We vary other charitable activities, such as Toronto Foundation for Student Success, Red Cross initiatives, Free the Children or Highway of Heroes.


Briarcrest Junior School has an active School Council that meets monthly.  Parents regularly volunteer in the library, classrooms, on excursions, and as tutors.  The School Council fundraising initiatives support school and community activities and events such as the visiting performers, Scientists in the Schools, Blue Spruce and Silver Birch programs, excursions, and technology.
Briarcrest maintains ongoing partnerships with middle schools for transition planning.  We liaise with various teacher training and Child and Youth Worker institutes such as Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), York University, Humber College, George Brown College, and Sheridan College.  
We partner with Briarcrest Child Care Centre to coordinate various events and activities throughout the year in order to support each other, such as our combined Festive Concert in December.