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Bloorlea Middle School's Mission Statement

Bloorlea Middle School is located in the west end of Toronto at the corner of Bloor Street and The East Mall. Our school opened its doors in 1957 and currently serves about 340 middle school students. We are proud of our dedicated teaching and support staff. Bloorlea staff place a high priority on a positive and active partnership with our parents. We, as a staff, cultivate an environment that is inclusive and engaging for all students. We teach using culturally relevant pedagogy and make sure that students see themselves reflected in the school. We believe as a staff that our students' well-being is critical and we continue to put programmes in place to support it.   

Middle School Life

Middle school provides students with the opportunity to participate in experiences similar to those in high school through rotary classes, specialty teachers, Student Council, instrumental music, a wide range of co-curricular activities, and the use of lockers. At Bloorlea we also strive to build strong relationships between our students and our staff.

More Information About Bloorlea Middle School

School Focus

* Learning Skills
* Growth Mindset
* Mental Health and Well Being
* Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Programs
* Technology
* Character Development
* Healthy and Active School Environment
* Co-curricular Activities


* Integrate Literacy with Social Studies/History/Geography
* STEM applications; emphasis on new math curriculum 
* Provide release time and professional development for teachers to collaborate in grade teams
*Emphasis on equity, anti-oppression, and anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism and anti-indigenous racism.


* Emphasis on Ontario 2020 curriculum and the new skills it includes (social emotional learning, coding and financial literacy) 
* Use of rich tasks to teach new skills while reinforcing the basic fundamentals  
* Provide Professional Development for all teachers in best practices in mathematics 
* Implement effective assessment and evaluation strategies

Community, Culture & Caring

* Participate in at least one community action event
* Offer all students the opportunity to become involved in at least one co-curricular activity
* School wide focus on Learning Skills


Student Life - Where You Belong


At Bloorlea we strongly encourage our students to become involved in a number of activities outside of instructional times. Bloorlea offers a wide range of athletic teams, clubs, and committees which take place before school, over the lunch hour, and after school. One of our goals is to ensure that every student participates in at least one co-curricular activity during each school year.
During the Winter and Spring terms, Bloorlea puts on instrumental concerts to highlight the talents of our strings and band students.


Our outstanding staff strive to create a positive and safe environment conducive to learning.  They work collaboratively together, regularly meeting in grade teams to examine data and instructional techniques.
We offer our Grade 7 students a Design &Technology program.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in an instrumental music program (band & strings) which is offered during instructional times on a withdrawal basis from a variety of subjects (ie. English, Math, Social Studies or History/Geography).
In addition to our Core French students, we have 4 classes of Extended French students who study Language, Social Studies or History/Geography, Drama, Vocal Music, Dance, and Visual Arts in French.             


* Parent volunteers (Pizza lunches, excursions, driving students to co-curricular events) 
* Parent reps  (School Council meetings, Budget, School
   Improvement, and Safe School Committees)
*Curriculum Night, Remembrance Day Assembly, Parent-Teacher 
  interviews, Information Nights, graduation, concerts
* Fundraising
*Public library, The Lunch Lady,  Police Liaison Officer
*Co-op students, teacher candidates,  CYW students,
*Community volunteers, guest speakers, Public Health Nurse,
  Dental Screening, HPV/Hep B vaccines
*Etobicoke Children's Centre, George Hull, Big Brothers