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Bloordale Middle School's Mission Statement

Bloordale Middle School, founded in 1960, is nestled geographically in the middle of four feeder schools. The benefit of receiving students from four feeder schools is that it enables students to build new friendships and further develop relationships with peers prior to attending high school.



Middle School Experience

Middle School provides students with the opportunity to participate in experiences similar to those in high school through rotary subjects, the use of lockers, student council, team sports, instrumental music programs, etc., while also maintaining a strong personal relationship with their core teachers.

More Information About Bloordale Middle School

School's Motto

The school's motto, "Be the Best You Can Be Bloordale!" exemplifies the high standards we set for our staff and students. Staff, co-create with students, an environment that promotes mental health and well-being, inclusivity, differentiation, and restorative practices to ensure students are emotionally, socially, and academically successful. 

Bloordale Middle School is committed to a comprehensive support system to meet the diverse needs of all our learners.

Equity and Inclusion

Bloordale Middle School values equity and inclusion as seen throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities available to our students. Culturally relevant resources and performances also help all students and staff on this learning continuum. 

Extracurricular Activities

Bloordale Middle School offers a variety of extracurricular activities some of which include the Black Student Alliance, the Social Justice Committee, the Kindness Committee, the Forest of Reading Committee, and the Caring and Safe Committee. Students are also offered a multitude of sports teams such as volleyball, flag football, and basketball,

Heritage Month Celebrations

Bloordale Middle School respects and honours the lived experiences of the many students and staff in the building and their cultural identities. This is promoted through our celebrations through Morning Announcements, class activities, and performances that mirror the Heritage Month celebrations in the TDSB. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Bloordale, we work hard to be a place where everybody knows your name and a school that stands apart from others. For lunch, Bloordale offers many different choices of food throughout the week. And several clubs run over the lunch hour and afterschool including: Student Council and Performance Club. Bloordale also has many sports teams that alternate through the seasons. Homework Club provides students with a quiet place to get help and complete homework assignments. Bloordale also hosts monthly Student Recognition Assemblies which focus on the virtues/character attributes for each month and provide opportunities for classes/students to showcase their projects and celebrate their successes. During the Winter and Spring seasons, Bloordale also puts on a magnificent concert to highlight the talents of their string, band, choir and performance club students.


From toe tapping music to breathtaking performances, our bi-annual School Musical is a showcase of talent by all of the staff and students at Bloordale Middle School.  Some amazing productions have included our adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, an original performance - Footprints: Music Through the Decades, Aladdin and our most recent, The Little Mermaid. The productions allow each student to nurture their talents and share their interests in a wonderfully unique way.  The students look forward to the memories and friends which come from the amazing school musicals.   


Bloordale Middle School has developed a strong and integral partnership with the School Council. The council meets throughout the year to discuss and support the ongoing activities of school life. The bi-annual Community Outreach Fun Fair is an example of such a partnership.  The school staff and School Council work throughout the year to bring together an evening of wonderful entertainment, carnival activities and refreshments for the students, families and Bloordale community. In addition, Bloordale Middle School also has a wonderful partnership with the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Community School. This union is evident with the Bloordale students volunteering in the Teens & Tots program, collaborations with school special events and  extra-curricular activities.  We are fortunate to have such wonderful partnerships!