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Park Lawn Junior Middle School's Mission Statement

Park Lawn, a community focused school of about 450 students, is located in a quiet residential area. Opened in 1951, we continue our tradition as a proud supportive partner in education. We strive to ensure that each learner has opportunities to develop as a positive, open-minded contributor to society.  We offer a welcoming environment with active community involvement. In addition to our pursuit of academic excellence we partner with Toronto Parks and Recreation as well as the privately owned Park Lawn Preschool. Our school, being an accessible facility, allows us to be physically inclusive for all members of our community.

It is our belief that during the time spent in school, all students should develop qualities, which will ensure that they live and learn in an environment that is safe, positive, and nurturing. It is expected that these behaviours will be in effect for students while at school, will be demonstrated at home, and will become a natural part of their lives as they become responsible adults.

Tribes/ Character Education

Park Lawn Junior Middle School as a TRIBES school assures the healthy development of every student so that each has the knowledge, skills, and resilience to be successful in a rapidly changing and diverse world.  Tribes is a community building process which promotes a positive learning and working environment for both the students and staff.   We value and instill in our school culture the  4 TRIBES agreements: Mutual Respect; Appreciation; Attentive Listening; Participation

Our Goal is to engage all staff (teachers, principal, vice-principal, office personnel, care takers, educational assistants, child & youth workers, and other support staff), students, and families in working together as a learning community that is dedicated to caring and support, active participation, and positive expectations for students.     
We celebrate through our Student and School Success monthly assemblies where we recognize the positive Character attributes of the Park Lawn student body.  Each month the TDSB has a directed focus including; Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Kindness & Caring, Teamwork, Fairness, Honesty, Co-operation, Integrity and Perseverance as a character development in action initiative.

More Information About Park Lawn Junior Middle School


Students at Park Lawn JMS take part in many activities that supports, nurtures and develops their creative skills. The Arts are integrated into every classroom program through choir and the instrumental music program. Park Lawn offers an inclusive grade 6-8 Strings and Band program through our staff and Itinerant Music Instructors .

Our music program allows students in grades six to eight to have the option of Band or Strings with our two Itinerant Music Instructors, in addition to a Gr. 6-8 Vocal Musical Theatre Program. For our younger students, we offer a music program through our specialist teachers and the opportunity to sing in the Primary and Junior Choir.

Leadership Opportunities:

We provide students with various leadership roles. Members of our Student Council, Peer Mediators/Rainy day helpers, Playground Activity Leaders in School (PALS), Free The Children and Environmental awareness groups work hard to promote equity, equality, local and global awareness. Student Leadership is an integral part of our school climate.

Our strong Leadership Program allows students to develop personal and team leadership skills. Monthly Student and School Success Assemblies recognize and celebrate the leaders in our school who have demonstrated positive Character Attributes and contributed to the positive environment in a leadership capacity.

Athletics/ Sports

Our students participate in a variety of activities which promote health, fitness and co-operation. At Park Lawn JMS, we offer athletic opportunities including competitive teams and inter mural sports. Over the lunch hour students can participate in Healthy Heart activities.The Intensive Support Program (ISP) class participates in the Barrier-Free track meet every Spring.

In addition to this we offer an opportunity for students to participate in The MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence which gives Grade 5 students who have never played organized hockey a chance to participate in a Hockey Academy.

Technology/ Computers

At Park Lawn technology is used  to enhance the curriculum and support our students in their learning. Interactive SMART Boards, digital cameras, multi-media projectors, Ipads, Mac books and laptops are used to enhance the delivery of the curriculum.

Park Lawn has two portable Interactive White Boards for classroom use enhancing the student learning experience.   We are working with our partners in Education to utilize more technology in order to allow for a more hands-on and constructivist approach to learning, and motivate students to participate in interesting and highly visual web-connected lessons. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


In addition to our strong academic program, our school offers students many opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. Students learn empathy and caring for those less fortunate through student run initiatives that support children's charities and world relief efforts. We believe in giving students leadership opportunities. Students take an active role in promoting global awareness and taking local actions.  At Park Lawn JMS, students have the opportunity to participate in numerous sporting and recreational activities that will further refine and develop leadership skills and enhance confidence and self esteem.
Park Lawn JMS is committed to delivering curriculum that allows our students to create, learn and achieve in accordance with their individual needs and abilities. We provide equitable learning opportunities for all our students. We nurture the development of all students in a friendly, safe and productive environment.


Park Lawn Junior Middle School is committed to promoting high academic achievement and fostering the social and emotional development of each student through collaboration, mutual respect and community partnerships. We place a strong focus on academic standards and believe strongly that all students can learn. We focus on academics in all curriculum areas including Health and Physical Education, Music, Arts, Design and Technology.  At Park Lawn JMS, we are committed to developing confident and responsible students who value learning and become successful citizens in our community. Our school is a barrier free facility designed to provide equal access to all of our students and community. Park Lawn provides wheel chair accessible ramps and washrooms as well as an Intensive Support Program Classroom for students with special needs.
Located within Park Lawn JMS is a privately owned daycare and the Park Lawn Community School, which is a City of Toronto Parks and Recreation facility.


The Park Lawn School Advisory Council is actively involved in fund raising as well as volunteering in the class rooms for special events such as Scientists in the School, field trips, Book Fairs, sporting events as well as the ever popular Fall Fair.  Each year a large group of dedicated parents plan, organize and successfully execute the Fall Fair.  This event brings people together to celebrate our community and raises money to supplement activities and events such as the school musical, instrumental music programs, school leadership teams, field-trips, technology and special performances. We thank our dedicated parents. Park Lawn has links to local Secondary Schools and colleges. We also have formed close links with community organizations such as Toronto Public Health, local Police, Stonegate Community Health Centre, Toronto Parks and Recreation and the Park Lawn Preschool.