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D A Morrison Middle School's Mission Statement

D.A. Morrison combines a fifty year old traditional neighbourhood school with a strong commitment to change, new technologies and a sound education for all learners. This means that all students enjoy a solid education in the basics with a wide variety of options and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Our facilities include a full-size pool,  gym facilities, an up to date library and computer labs which make the school a place of educational excellence.

Enriched by diversity and committed to equity, we offer programs to meet the needs, goals, and interests of our students. In addition to strong academics, we offer outstanding programs in Music, Visual Art, and Physical Education.

Our commitment to athletics and the arts underscores our belief in a well-rounded set of experiences and a healthy choices for students.

Our teachers collaborate to develop and share best instructional practices. We strive to ensure that all students are valued. Student voice and student leadership are a fundamental focus for success at D. A. Morrison Middle School. We maintain a  strong focus on  smooth transitions between the middle and secondary years.
High expectations and a strong commitment to individual success in a safe and welcoming atmosphere make D.A.Morrison a proud learning environment. We welcome all parents, caregivers and young learners to our school.

D.A. Rocks!

 Our Code of Conduct uses the letters in Rocks to set standards for behaviour that are consistent throughout the school and that promote a caring and safe school environment.
On Task
Know It

More Information About D A Morrison Middle School


We have purchased more math manipulatives and provided further teacher training. In Literacy, we participated in the Forest of Reading program, held an Authors' Week, and have plans to run an Arts Night.


Our instrumental program has been recently expanded to include students in grade 6. D.A. students have enjoyed being a part of bands, choirs, small ensembles, and participating in music festivals/competitions (such as Kiwanis). Our students have worked together to stage full scale Broadway Musicals every other year. This year we have performed the Little Mermaid.


We have a full time Phys-Ed teacher again for 2018-2019. Students will have the opportunity to try out for the following teams: cross country, basketball, soccer, swim, volleyball, cricket, ultimate frisbee and track and field. Being part of a team can help develop life skills and friendships. Intramural sports at lunch will be open to all students interested next year.


The Visual Arts program at D.A. has been developed to ensure students will create and interact with a variety of works of art. Students will improve practical skills and knowledge of art theories and concepts through the study of famous artists and art movements. We have plans for an Arts Night next year and we will be using our revamped Kiln to create pottery.

Additional Features

  • Special Education Programs
  • Authorfest and Forest of Reading
  • Excellent Swim Program
  • Art Club
  • Arts Night
  • D.A. Garden
  • Winter Concert
  • Yearbook Club

Student Life - Where You Belong


There are many ways for our students to be involved in our school. We have Student Prefects, a leadership group that assists with special guest speakers, evening events and tours of the school. Our Student Parliament is another leadership group that is elected each year. Representatives organize Spirit Days, special school wide activities and dances. This past year we had a Rainbow Club, that promoted Pink Day and random acts of kindness throughout the school in addition to Anti-Bullying initiatives. We have a dedicated Visual Arts Club that even have their own website connected to the school. We have a Yearbook Club that not only produces a yearbook at the end of the year, but also creates short videos of recent school activities for each Spirit Assembly. We have just begun a School Garden which was featured on the TDSB website last year. Students learned about plants and growing cycles in class and then actually saw it happen outside! We have a grade 6 Girls Group and a separate Grade 7/8 this year. Girls met at lunch and discussed many different age appropriate topics. We also have a Boys group running this year (with the boys doing a lot of cooking in our D. A. Kitchen!).


We continue to focus on the use of a three-part lesson and the language of the mathematics curriculum. Teachers meet regularly in grade teams with our learning coach to develop inquiry based units for mathematics. We ran Saturday Math classes and EQAO preparation classes. We also started a Preparing for Middle School class for incoming students.
This was our second year for the D.A. school garden. Students were involved in designing and measuring space for the garden. They planted seeds, examined how food is grown and harvested and designed and built models of sustainable water systems. We were given a grant for 3 grow towers this past school year. Students were able to plant and cultivate a variety of leafy greens throughout the entire school year and then cook with them in our D.A. Kitchen.
Our Design and Technology room will be opening in September of 2017. Students starting in grade 8 will be designing and constructing mechanisms linked to the Science and Mathematics curriculum. Our goal is also to  offer March Break and Summer Enrichment programs with this new space.


We have a very strong and committed School Advisory Council. Council meets once a month  and plans Pizza/Sub Days and has assisted with special evenings such as our Winter Concert and Lion King Jr. Production. School Council has organized two potluck dinners and members assisted with field trips.We encourage parents to be involved in middle school! We encourage volunteers, but all volunteers will need a Police Check. Please stay connected with the school-your support is essential. We email updates and newsletters to families and regularly update our school website. School Council has its' own blog: