Toronto District School Board

March 7 - Success Belongs to Everybody

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Join Our Guest Speaker: Lauren Moses-Brettler

Learn About:
A free year-long coaching focussed program that supports women & gender diverse individuals in finding a sustainable path out of poverty, towards long term employment and healthy, prosperous lives.


10:00AM - 11:00AM

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Eligibility Criteria:

• Income: Be earning or receiving regular income (OW, ODSP, EI, a job, etc.), but be living below or around the poverty line.

• Stability: Have reached a point of reasonable stability in terms of health and safety (mental health, substance use, legal issues, housing issues, etc.) where they can commit to a year-long, intensive program. Have other supports in place for any of these issues if needed.

• Fluency: Have an English or French proficiency of LINC 6 or higher

Note: Clients must be 18+ but there is no upper age cap and seniors are welcome to apply. We have no education requirements and no immigration/status requirements