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Accommodation Reviews

Boundary Review

Review is currently not in the This is a review process that involves school(s) 
identified on the top section of this page.  
For further information about this review, 
Contact names have been provided. stageReview is currently not in the The public meeting date(s) are identified in this 
section. For more information about the meeting, 
please see this section. stageReview is currently in the The report for this review is submitted to board 
for a decision.  For details about the decision, 
please see this section. stage
Trustee, Ward 11: Rachel Chernos LinSuperintendent: Lorraine Linton

Eglinton Junior Public SchoolStevan Ivancevic(416) 393-9315
Maurice Cody Junior Public SchoolRobert Nigro(416) 393-9240

Meeting(s) - Community Engagement

Board Decisions

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