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Accommodation Reviews

Boundary Review

This review is being conducted to address over-enrolment at several area schools. To help alleviate the enrolment pressure, a replacement school is being built at the Avondale site with a larger capacity of 553 students (an increase from the current capacity of 362 students). The rebuilt school is scheduled to open in the spring of 2018. Boundary changes that would impact the new school as well as other area schools are being considered for implementation as of September 2018.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this review, please contact your principal or email us at with "Boundary change for the new Avondale PS” in the email subject line.

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Review is currently not in the This is a review process that involves school(s) 
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For further information about this review, 
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Trustee, Ward 12: Alexander BrownSuperintendent: Linda Curtis (Acting)
Administrative Liaison: Pam Breese (416-396-9172)

Avondale Elementary Alternative SchoolMichael Byrne(416) 395-3130
Avondale Public SchoolMichael Byrne(416) 395-3130
Bayview Middle SchoolTimothy Sullivan(416) 395-2050
Cummer Valley Middle SchoolMichelle Mayers(416) 395-2260
Finch Public SchoolSusan Yun(416) 395-2410
Hollywood Public SchoolThane Jovanovich(416) 395-2560
Lillian Public SchoolRiley Lord(416) 395-2660
McKee Public SchoolJeanette Lang416) 395-2680

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