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Program Area Review

In response to increased enrolment, and insufficient space at Norseman JMS, the Board determined that a comprehensive long term accommodation strategy was necessary. A long-term accommodation strategy was explored because additional capacity is required over the longer term to address enrolment growth at Norseman JMS. The TDSB formed a Program Area Review Team (PART) made up of parent and TDSB representatives to look at possible long-term accommodation options.

On April 18 2018, Board approved the long-term accommodation strategy recommended by the PART and TDSB Staff. The final Program Area Review report is now available below.

Changes are to be implemented beginning September 2019.

Review is currently not in Start stageReview is currently not in Community Engagement stageReview is currently not in Staff Recommendations stageReview is currently in Board Decision stage
Trustee, Ward 3: Patrick NunziataSuperintendent: Mary Linton
Administrative Liaison: Susanne Foster (416-396-9174)

Castlebar Junior SchoolColleen Bellehumeur
Norseman Junior Middle SchoolCarolyn Wright(416) 394-7880

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