Toronto District School Board
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Leadership Capacity Plan

What is Our Equity Goal?

  • Building capacity of system leaders and of all staff within the TDSB will impact equity, responsiveness and engagement. 
  • Shifting from leadership-of-position to leadership-as-influence. 
  • Creating enhanced learning cultures. 

How Have We Started To Achieve It?

  • Developed Leadership Capacity Plan to focus on professional learning opportunities that will develop the collective leadership of the TDSB and outlined what leaders need to learn and how to support others in order to serve in an equitable and inclusive way.  
  • Enabled all staff to share their leadership and expertise to influence direction through various channels, including a system-wide survey inviting ideas, experiences and feedback.
  • Concentrated on building capacity for all leaders through a variety of learning opportunities that focused on:
  • Listening to the voices of students, parents, communities and staff 
  • Increasing understanding of global competencies and creating learning conditions that enable students to take ownership of their learning 
  • Enhancing well-being of all students 
  • Committed to providing formal anti-racism and anti-oppression training to all TDSB staff across the Board, to address issues of power and privilege, confront bias, and eliminate barriers; actively working with education partners to develop and implement a training plan; and effectively implementing these learnings to address the over-representation of specific groups of students being suspended and expelled. 
  • Trained Business and Operations Managers on Service Excellence to increase responsiveness.

What Have We Learned?

Through professional learning, we have started to build staff capacity and to address issues of power and privilege while confronting bias and eliminating barriers. With a focus on Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression we understand that there is a need to realign current structures to support a proactive Human Rights approach to the work we are doing. 

What’s Next?

  •  Assess our progress and determine the impact of our actions – How well is each school achieving its improvement goals Achievement, Equity and Well-being? 
  • Begin implementing plan for all TDSB staff to participate in Anti-Oppression/Equity learning over the next three years. 
  • Identify key staff for priority learning to support the current focus including, but not limited to, guidance counsellors, student success leads, Grade 8/9 teachers around transitions pathways and Special Education Resource Teams (SERTS).