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Associate Director, Learning Transformation and Equity

This position will focus on pedagogical excellence which includes equity. A system equity leader and advocate, this Associate Director will integrate equity efforts across the Board to identify and dismantle the barriers for marginalized, racialized, and underserved students; support staff on how to fully embrace equity and anti-oppression openly and effectively; and lead the system in identifying, naming, addressing, repairing, and eliminating systemic and individual acts of discrimination, hatred, or oppression. 

School improvement and implementation excellence will be central to this role as this position oversees Learning Centres 3 and 4. In this role, you will promote student achievement, and support staff in continuous improvement. They will lead continuous improvement and strive to close achievement gaps through teaching and learning in Special Education and Inclusion, early literacy, Equity Program Support, School Improvement, the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement, K-12 Programs and Global Competencies.

This Associate Director will also establish a school improvement process that is focused on data, change in pedagogy, and reciprocal learning across the school community and will collaborate actively with the Associate Director, Student Well-Being and Innovation who works with Learning Centres 1 & 2 to ensure cohesion of continuous improvement efforts across all four Learning Centres.

In this role you will be key to refocusing community engagement, paying increased attention to strong communication with TDSB’s diverse communities regarding the learning experience and opportunities/success for all students. Across the range of departments in this portfolio, you will focus on capacity building and the implementation of targeted strategies and supports for leaders – both formal and informal – at all levels of the organization.

See the job posting for this position.
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