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Your Opinion Counts

Welcome to the Toronto District School Board’s 2019-20 Budget Community Survey.


We thank everyone who completed the survey. Your opinions will be shared with our Board of Trustees to develop this year’s Operating Budget in alignment with our Multi-Year Strategic Plan.


Learn More About theTDSB 2019-20 Budget Process & Timelines

More details about the Budget Survey

The deadline to respond to our Budget Survey is Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

In the survey you will be provided with a description of the eight proposed Strategic Budget Drivers that will assist our Board of Trustees to develop this year’s Operating Budget. Following each Strategic Budget Driver, we ask you for your comments regarding the Driver. These drivers will be critical because they will help us to ensure that our budget funding decisions support student success.

We thank you for participating in our 2019-20 Budget Discussion. Your opinions will be shared with our Board of Trustees to consider as part of their budget deliberations.


  • About 94% of the TDSB’s funding comes from the Ministry of Education. The other 6% represents such things as visa students, bank interest, cafeteria sales, leasing revenue and permits.
  • Traditionally, we won’t know the amount of funding from the Ministry until late March or early April.
  • Our Multi-Year Strategic Plan has already made it clear that the status quo is not possible, in terms of funding everything that we currently do.
  • Any funding reductions from the Ministry will make our budget decisions more challenging.
  • We may not be able to afford everything we are currently doing and we may choose to not provide funding to some current programs and services in order to fund others.
  • Therefore the Board needs to give staff direction that will guide the building of the Operational Budget. Your input will help the Board develop this direction.
  • These “drivers”, once approved, will provide this direction.
  • We recognize that it is too early to predict what the provincial funding will look like for the 2019-20 Budget. However we are committed to providing greater and more equitable access to school programs and learning opportunities.
  • We remain committed to providing great schools and programs in the TDSB.

(Please note that the TDSB has a $3.9 billion backlog of school repairs. While making those repairs is a key priority for the TDSB, the repairs are part of our Capital Budget, not the Operating Budget. That is why the backlog does not appear in the following list of Operating Budget Drivers.)

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