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Boys' Lacrosse 2016-2017

A Silverthorn athlete sets up a play which results in a shot on net.Boys' Lacrosse teams from Silverthorn CI and Richview CI competed at Lakeshore CI to start off the season. For more photos of recent games, visit the Photo Gallery.

Boys' Lacrosse

The 2017 TDSSAA Boys' Lacrosse season has come to an end. Thanks to all the teams who participated this season! We hope to see you all back again next season!

Special thanks to all the volunteers, coaches, and parents for allowing this season to happen! 

City Championship 2017

A team photo of the Birchmount Park after winning the Tier 1 City Championships.  For more photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

Etobicoke CI fought Birchmount Park to win the Tier 1 City Championships. Birchmount Park was able to pull a lead in this match, winning 8 to 5 against Etobicoke. Congratulations to both teams for making it so far and being the best two teams in the city! Hope to see you all again next year!

Silverthorn battled Richview CI at this year's Tier 2 City Championships. Richview was able to pull a win out of this game and claimed the title of Regional Champs! Congratulations to both teams for placing top two in all the city and a special congratulations to Richview for placing first! Great job to both teams! 

OFSAA 2017

A big thanks to Lakeshore CI for representing TDSSAA at this year's A/AA Boys' Lacrosse OFSAA Championships! Another big thanks goes out to Birchmount Park CI for representing TDSSAA at this year's AAA Boys' Lacrosse OFSAA Championships!


For more details about the event, visit the OFSAA website

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