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TDSSAA Division 6

Division 6 Sports 

The TDSSAA Division 6 Sports was created for schools under the jurisdiction of the TDSB that provide programs for students with special needs.  These athletes participate in the Division 6 School Leagues and/or Tournaments hosted by various volunteer Convenors across the Board throughout the school year.  Further, in partnership with Special Olympics Ontario, students have an opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships & Qualifiers Program which provides opportunities to participate in Track & Field, Bocce Ball, Soccer and Basketball.  The dates and locations of many of these events are posted in the column to the right.

Division 6 Boys Volleyball Tournament


Congratulations to York Humber HS for taking first place at the Boys Volleyball Tournament hosted at Sir Williams Oslers High School. To see more photos, visit the Photo Gallery


Congratulations to Bendale Business and Technical Institute for taking second place at the Boys Volleyball Tournament hosted at Sir Williams Oslers High School. To see more photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

Division 6 Girls Basketball Tournament


Congratulations to Heydon Park for placing first at the Girls Basketball Tournament. To see more photos, visit the Photo Gallery. 


Congratulations to York Humber for placing second at the Girls Basketball Tournament.



Antik Neer sits in his school gym at Maplewood HS surrounded by the mascots.

By David Grossman

There are times when Antik Neer pauses in front of a hook on the wall of his room at home - and his face lights up with expressions of enthusiasm and excitement. 

For Neer, there are flashbacks of success that come to life every time he looks at his medals – awards for achievements that are associated with his determination, a strong willpower and personal desire to do the best he can.

A graduating student at Maplewood High School in the Toronto District School Board,  Neer has always wanted to be like others his age – but, in some cases, he’s not.

The 18-year old Scarborough resident has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects movement of his right arm and he has amblyopia, also referred to as “lazy eye”, which reduces vision in one eye caused by an abnormal development early in life. 

“It really isn’t a big deal for me as I have adjusted and learned to do things with what I have,” said Neer, who lives a busy life packed with playing sports, volunteering to help others in need, thinking about his future career and, yet, still finds time for his passion of painting landscapes.

“When I found out about my disability, it was as a young boy in Bangladesh and I just wanted to find a way to try be like most normal people.”

A Special Needs student and multi-sport athlete, Neer admits he has been a target for bullies who have made fun of his disability, but he still holds no grudges and has shrugged it off.

“I know I was born this way and chose to focus on things I can do rather than those I can’t,” said Neer, who is fascinated by the world computers and is contemplating a future in software programming.

When in need of support, Neer, who lives in the Port Union and Kingston area, gets the assistance through the comfort and encouragement of administrators, teachers, coaches, family and friends.

From soccer to cross country running, basketball to ball hockey, Neer’s positive outlook on life is contagious and the radiant smile something special. He has found ways, in his drive for success, to participate at the school level as well as on various community teams.

School advisors claim Neer personifies work, effort and doing whatever it takes to be a great person.

George Kourtis, the TDSB’s Program Coordinator for Health and Physical Education, said Neer is just one of a growing number of students with Special Needs who are participating in extra curricular activities.

“It’s not about awards, but giving young people a chance – and (Neer) is a person who has an attitude that perseveres,” said Kourtis. “What makes school sports special is that we cater to all students regardless of social status or physical abilities.”

Poised at times, Neer is fearless, energized and can be a source for inspiration.

He can also be an intense competitor – and his ego and momentum get a huge boost when competing at the Special Olympics and leaving with overwhelming accomplishments.

“I find (the Special Olympics) amazing,” said Neer. “It’s just great to have an opportunity to have fun, get better and come away with something like medals. I might need a bigger hook in my room one day.”

While Neer was nominated for, but didn’t win, the Maplewood Valedictorian title, he leaves the school this year winning the prestigious male Athlete of the Year award – a citation that he considers to be as important as the one bestowed on him for Most Dedicated Player at the school.

Exercising on a daily basis, Neer is particularly proud of a silver medal won in bocce and a bronze in soccer – in his first experience at Provincial qualifiers. And there’s also the Provincial floor hockey success in Ottawa.

“I don’t find there is pressure to win - I just keep competing,” said Neer. “It’s plain and simple for me. I just go out have fun and try show everyone that I am the best at what I do.”


An ambulatory athlete rolls over the finish line with both hands in the air in triumph.Athletes came together for a track meet where competitors could take part in a variety of races, long jump and shot put. For more photos from recent games visit the Photo Gallery.

Special Olympics Ontario's Provincial School Championships

This spring our Division 6 Schools represented TDSSAA in the Special Olympics Ontario’s (SOO) School Championships! The SOO School Championships host students from all over the province to compete in Basketball, Soccer, Bocce, and Track & Field.  Throughout 2015/2016, teams participated in regional events to qualify for the final held in Durham Region June 1st to June 3rd, 2016.

Forty six athletes from Maplewood HS, Sir William Osler HS, Drewry SS, and Heydon Park SS competed against some of the top athletes from across the province. Our students took top titles in Track and Field events and medalled in every team sport TDSB participated in. TDSSAA could not be more proud of our athletes and the opportunities that SOO School Championships has given them. Congratulations all!


Event School Awards
 Track and Field  Drewry (7 athletes)  3 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 3 x Bronze, 3 x 4th,  4 x 5th, 1 x 6th
  Heydon Park (17 athletes) 20 x Gold, 19 x Silver, 9 x Bronze, 10 x 4th, 4 x 5th, 3 x 6th 
  Maplewood (9 athletes) 18 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 6 x Bronze,  5 x 4th, 2 x 5th, 3 x 6th 
  Sir William Osler (1 athlete)

Gold, 4th, 4th, 6th
 Basketball Drewry Gold (Hayden Division)
 Bocce Maplewood/West Hill Silver (Unified)
 Soccer Maplewood Bronze (Hayden Division)
  Drewry Silver (Selke)

For more information on SOO School Championships, as well as pictures from the event, visit the Special Olympics Ontario’s School Championships website.

TDSSAA Athlete’s full results – Special Olympics Ontario’s School Championships – June 2016




Important Dates

Division 6 Sports Schedule

October 2017

Cross Country - All Tiers, Co-Ed. October 4th at Morningside Park. Convenor: Diane Reed.

Boys Volleyball - tier 1. October 19th at Sir William Osler HS. Convenor: Daniel Gridler.

November 2017

Girls Basketball - tier 1. November 2nd at Bendale BTI. Convenor: Maria Chu.

Boys Indoor Soccer. November 23rd at Lakeshore Collegiate Dome. Convenor: Mark Nicholson.

December 2017

Girls Indoor Soccer. December 7th at Scarborough Soccer Centre. Convenor: Diane Reed. 

Girls Basketball FEST. December 14th at Maplewood HS. Convenor: Janice McDonald-Teggart.

February 2018

Boys Basketball League Tier 1/2 Regionals. February 8th location TBD. Convenors: Rick Ellis & Mike Guthrie.

Boys Basketball League Tier 1/2 Finals. February 22nd location TBD. Convenors: Rick Ellis & Mike Guthrie.

Swimming Tier 1/2. February 15th at Bendale BTI. Convenor: Maria Chu.

March 2018

Girls Volleyball. March 1st at Maplewood HS. Convenor: Janice McDonald-Teggart.

Badminton Tier 1/2. March 8th at Agincourt CI (East) and Central Etobicoke (West). Convenors: Gabe Lee (East) & Mark Nicholson (West). 

Badminton Tier 3. March 22nd at Sir William Osler HS. Convenors: Allison King & Wendy Chittley.

Boys Tier III Basketball FEST. March 29th at Central Etobicoke HS. Convenor: Denis Dawes (Frank Oak SS).

April 2018

Floor Hockey (Co-Ed). April 12th at York Humber HS. Convenor: Greg Millet.

May 2018

Track & Field All Tiers. May 10th at Birchmount Stadium. Convenors: Don Burns, Tin-Gee Wong, Sandra Baker & Diane Reed.

Co-Ed Softball. May 31st location TBD. Convenor: Janice McDonald-Teggart.


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