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Adult Student Census

The Toronto District School Board's (TDSB) 2014-15 Adult Student Census has been acknowledged for its ground-breaking work because it is the first of its kind in North America. The Census results will help inform adult education programming and planning across the TDSB and support the province in developing evidence-based policies for adult students. The TDSB’s five adult high schools support students in achieving their academic goals, applying to post-secondary education, and entering chosen career fields. At the time of the Census, there were approximately 6,200 TDSB adult students registered at our adult high schools and nearly 4,800 wrote the Census; resulting in a 78% response rate. The Census results provide a wealth of information on the multi-faceted educational pathways of this diverse adult student population. By capturing data on the unique educational experiences and histories of adult students, we can accurately determine the best supports to help them reach the highest levels of academic and personal success. The Census reveals many areas of strength in our adult high schools but also the challenges and barriers that could impact student outcomes. The results of this Census show areas in need of focused resources to make our system even stronger. Beyond these four initial Fact Sheets our work with the Adult Student Census will continue into explorations of post-secondary and career pathways, and the varying experiences of these students across the different student groups existing within this unique population of TDSB learners. Further, in spring 2016 a comprehensive report on the Adult Student Census will be released.

Fact Sheet 1: Toronto District School Board Adult Students: Demographic Profile

Fact Sheet 2: Toronto District School Board Adult Students: School Experiences and Social Emotional Well-being

Fact Sheet 3: Toronto District School Board Adult Students: In-school Experiences by Student Groups

Fact Sheet 4: Toronto District School Board Adult Students: Emotional Well-being by Student Groups

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