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TDSB Earth Hour 2018 is Friday, March 23rd, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm

TDSB Schools and offices are asked to go as electricity-free as possible for ONE HOUR. Wherever possible, our schools and offices will turn off all interior lighting except necessary emergency lights, and minimize fan use.

Earth Hour is an especially good candidate for a student-run environmental campaign about energy conservation and slowing climate change. Its sharp focus allows you to undertake as little or as much awareness and action building as your school is ready for. It's a wonderfully inclusive campaign—the youngest child can take part. The TDSB Earth Hour poster/checklist can serve as an organizing tool for classroom or school-wide endeavours.

Download the TDSB Earth Hour poster/checklist:

Teachers can jump in to lead an Earth Hour Electricity Walk supported by the lesson plan and PowerPoint Presentation. For additional information visit the Global Earth Hour website

In 2011, TDSB schools and offices decreased their electricity by 29.09%. Our highest yet, topping the 27.8% 2009 result! Can we do more this year? 

Earth Hour Plus: Is your school going beyond Earth Hour's 60 minutes?

Tell us if your school is already going beyond Earth Hour itself! Do students take an active role in organizing the campaign? Inspire and challenge other schools across the city. Write to and tell us about any specific actions (e.g., a regular monthly or weekly Earth Hour) and what small changes are happening. 

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