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Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week at the TDSB

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
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During the week of November 17-22, staff and students from across the TDSB participated in different Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week activities. Here is a selection of some of the events that took place.

Grade 1-6 students and staff from Adam Beck PS were joined by Dr. Karyn Gordon, one of North America’s leading relationship and parenting experts and founder of dk Leadership who offered inspirational words of advice about bullying awareness and prevention. Dr. Karyn Gordon was also on hand to present an award for student kindness. Watch the video clip from City News to see more on this event. 

At Kew Beach Jr PS, students and staff had their first ever Play it Forward’ event to mark the week. All of their Grade 1-6 students spent the day outside where they played a cooperative game together in mixed age groups and then assembled as a whole school to participate in a cooperative challenge. They worked together to prevent bullying by fostering inclusion and cooperation through the use of games.  

Last week, students and staff from Frank Oke Secondary School made a commitment to

 Stand Up! The school participated in a variety of exciting events which began with the signing of an anti-bullying pledge and ended with a school photograph celebrating community and equity. Wearing bright colours to shine a light on the courage of those who stand up against bullies, students and staff engaged in an interactive panel with members of the Toronto Police and the Royal Canadian Legion. The student-staff Bullying Awareness Week Committee also inspired the school with a motivational assembly, banners, display case and a colourful poster contest. The school was immersed in sending the message to everyone: you too can Stand Up! 

Last week, students and staff at Rene Gordon Health and Wellness Academy took part in a

 number of activities in support of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. At the beginning of the week, the school welcomed York University nursing students who provided informative and engaging anti-bullying lessons for students and staff. Throughout the week, teachers focussed their lessons on anti-bullying and restorative practices and students participated in a number of activities. On Friday, staff and students came together on the school playground to form a peace sign and demonstrate their commitment to promoting kindness and ending bullying. 

On Thursday, November 21, Director of Education Donna Quan joined students and staff

 from Westwood Middle School to reiterate her commitment to stand up against bullying by hanging her pledge on the display wall that welcomes students, staff, parents and volunteers into the school. In 2010, Westwood Middle School began the first-ever middle school Gay-Straight Alliance and since that time has been working to take action against bullying, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination. The GSA aims to create a school climate that is safer and more positive for students and staff of all sexual identities, gender identities and gender expressions. Watch the video clip from Global News to see more on this event. 

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