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Forest Hill Jr and Sr PS Celebrates Pride!

Monday, June 19, 2017
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Forest Hill Jr and Sr PS celebrated Pride month with a week of events, led by their Equal Rights Gender, Sexuality Alliance. The group – ERGSA for short – formed three years ago by a group of senior students and works to teach the school community about acceptance, empathy and how to make the community a safer place.

“ERGSA’s work is to ensure that all of our students and staff feel that they are welcome and safe in our school,” said Principal Paula Dodick.  “The education piece has helped to provide an understanding of our diversity in our community.”

The week kicked off with two assemblies and wrapped up with more than 650 students participating in a school Pride Parade led by Trustee Shelley Laskin and members of ERGSA. “The spirit from our students spread through our community with pass-ing cars honking in support, merchants in the village clapping and members of the public cheering us on,” said Dodick.

Way to go Forest Hill Jr and Sr PS!


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