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TDSB to Appoint Trustee to Ward 21 (Scarborough-Rouge River)

Thursday, March 09, 2017
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During the Special Board Meeting last night, Trustees voted to appoint a qualified person to the Trustee position in Ward 21, Scarborough-Rouge River.

A subcommittee comprised of nine Trustees, including the Chair and Vice Chair, was established. Members of this committee will work closely with a third-party consultant to develop the appointment process, establish criteria, conduct interviews and recommend a candidate.

Under the Education Act, applicants must be Canadian citizens, 18 years of age or older, public school supporters and residents of Toronto.

The new Ward 21 Trustee will be appointed during the April 19, 2017 Board meeting.

To learn more, visit Details about the application process will be will be posted soon.

Quick Facts

  • The Education Act requires Trustees to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy within 90 days of the office becoming vacant.

  • This appointment is for the remainder of the current Trustee term which ends November 30, 2018.

  • The City of Toronto estimated the cost of holding a by-election in Ward 21 to be between $220,000 and $320,000 (exclusive of HST).

“It’s important that the families of Scarborough-Rouge River have a voice at the boardroom table as soon as possible. Appointing a Trustee is the best, most cost-effective option.”

- Robin Pilkey, Chair, TDSB

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