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Secord ES Waves the Checkered Flag

Secord ES Waves the Checkered Flag

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Secord Elementary School is proud to share that they are the winners of the 2016 Allergy Food Drive Challenge, sponsored by Food Allergy Canada and Pfizer Canada (distributors of Epi-Pen).  Students and staff were visited by Canadian Hall-of-Fame race car driver, Alex Tagliani, who shared his personal experiences of dealing with life-threatening allergies. As grand prize winners, Tagliani presented Secord ES with 15 iPads, which will be put to great use in classrooms.

Helping those in need is very important to the Secord community.  Secord ES and the Secord Community Centre have been running an annual Holiday Food Drive for more than 15 years. This year, a Secord parent, who has a child with serious allergies, helped to organize and promote an allergy-free food drive.  Secord’s Me to We Club played an important role in running the food drive, with the support of the teachers who run Me to We, Rosemarie Colangelo and Craig Moore, as well as Denise Conway (Educational Assistant), Paula Emery (Secretary), and Yun Cheng (Grade 5 teacher). The Grade 5 students in the Me to We Club spent several lunch hours preparing donation boxes and carrying food to the Community Centre where donations were sorted and prepared for people in the community.

The Me to We students feel that food drives should always be nut-free. When the members of Me to We were asked why they helped run an allergy-free food drive, Sharon L., said, “We wanted to help people who might not have enough money to get nutritious food.” Sara H. said, “We really wanted to help people who live right in this community and are struggling.” Huda Y added, “It’s important that people don’t get sick when we’re trying to help them.” This year was Secord’s most successful food drive.  Approximately 80 Christmas Hampers were filled with the generous donations.  If we want to help improve the food security of people in our community by running food drives, it is important that we also take the time to raise awareness of serious allergies.

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