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Graduation Rates

Graduation Rates

Each year the Toronto District School Board conducts a cohort student and releases a graduation rate for our students. A cohort study follows a group (Grade 9 students) over a period of time (five years) – the time it takes most Ontario students to complete secondary school. 

This year the 2009-2014 graduation rate for the Toronto District School Board is 84%, an increase of 1% from the previous Fall 2008-2013 cohort. Since the TDSB began tracking graduation rates in 2000 there has been a 15% increase (69% to 84%).

Increases year over year show that the TDSB is making steady progress in the areas that directly impact students and their well-being – our
Years of Action plan is working.
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There were 18,467 students in the TDSB on October 31, 2009 who were between 13 and 15 years of age and who were new to secondary school. We looked at how these students were doing five years after they started, as of October 31, 2014. By this time, 1,925 or 10% of students had exited the TDSB. Reasons for “exit” include other boards, countries, education institutions, provinces, deceased, and private schools. This left a total of 16,542 students in the study. 

As of October 31, 2014:

  • 13,815 (84%) students had graduated; 
  • 875 (5%) were still enrolled in the TDSB; 
  • 1,852 (11%) had dropped out (according to records they had not graduated, were no longer in the TDSB, and had not transferred to another educational institution.

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