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As a parent, your first point of contact for school-based questions or concerns is always the teacher and Principal at your child’s school. They are there to help you navigate the system and work with you to ensure appropriate supports are in place. 

If your child is not yet registered at the TDSB, please contact your home school or the Special Education office in your area:

East Special Education Office: 416-396-7968 
West Special Education Office: 416-394-3763 

If you have questions related to special education policies or processes, please speak with staff at your home school and follow the Parent Concern Protocol.  Special Education regional consultants and coordinators are linked to specific geographic areas and to specific school-based or exceptionality responsibilities and are available to support schools. 

If you are uncertain about the regional office associated with your situation, please consult the document below listing all schools by geographic Family of Schools location.

For any other questions or inquiries, please use our Contact Us form.



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