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High School Transportation

Students in Grades 9 to 12 may be eligible to receive TTC tickets.

Special Education students may be eligible to be transported on a school bus.

Applications are accepted year round. Before applying, be sure to check out our eligibility guidelines and our transportation policy

All transportation applications are reviewed individually. These are the factors considered for eligibility

Students in Grade 9 to Grade 12 may be eligible for TTC tickets if they live 4.8 km or more away from their home school. 

Special Education
Students in Special Education, in most cases, must meet the distance criteria, but all applications are reviewed individually to identify any unique circumstances. 

French Immersion
Students in French Immersion must meet the distance criteria and be attending the designated French immersion program based on their home school. 

Students in wheelchairs are eligible for transportation. Transportation may also be provided for students who have a medical condition or disability that severely limits walking. 

Transportation is not provided for students attending any school or special program at their request, even when distance or medical condition is a factor.



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