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Dare2Create Arts Festival

From May 2 to June 10 the Toronto District School Board will celebrate its first annual Dare2Create Arts Festival. Students, teachers, and artists from the Toronto community come together to create, celebrate and learn through a variety of school-based and public celebrations and performances across the city.The festival is a celebration of student voice, our city and arts and creativity for all. 

Dare2Create is a Celebration of Student Voice
What connections do you make to the people, places, histories and happenings of our city? Say something powerful about You and Your City through dance, drama, film, media arts, photography, spoken word, or visual arts.

Dare2Create is a Celebration of our City
Dare2Create will showcase a rich range of youth perspectives on life in the city. Public showings of student work will allow us to understand our city through the eyes of our children, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Dare2Create is a Celebration of Arts and Creativity for All
We aim to inspire students, their families, and teachers to embrace arts and culture as essential components of a well-rounded education and fulfilling life. The public celebration of student work will also acknowledge the important role that artists and teachers play in nurturing creativity and artistic expression.  

Dare2Create includes:

  • School-based and Family of Schools arts celebrations
  • Artist residencies in dance, drama, music and visual arts (up to 60 elementary schools)
  • Subsidized performances by professional companies (approximately 20 schools)
  • Dare2Dance/Dare2Speak
  • Dare2Create Art & Film
  • A student arts conference for Grade 7/8 students (approximately 150 students)
  • A student arts conference for Grade 11/12 students (approximately 60 students)
  • Across Experiences Arts Co-op: dance and theatre performances and film screenings in Grade 7/8 schools  

Dare2Create School-Based Celebrations
All schools are encouraged to participate in Dare2Create and w
e know that many schools are already doing wonderfully creative projects. We want to know about these initiatives, and celebrate them. Please submit photos or video and descriptions of your projects, so that your work can be profiled. Post directly to the Arts Department Facebook page (TDSB Arts Department), or submit to janet.o’ Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @TDSB_Arts.


General information:

Christine Jackson, Program Coordinator, The Arts




Dare 2 Create

Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
the knowledge, skills, and values
they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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