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Facility Condition Index

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) rating does not reflect the safety of a school building. Rather, it is a measurement of the condition of that school. Therefore, an older school may have more needed repairs and therefore a higher FCI rating, but not one of those many repairs is a health or safety issue. At the Toronto District School Board, the average age of our schools is over 60 years and building components such as walls, lights, floors, ventilation systems, etc. continue to age requiring major repairs or replacement.

Our Facilities staff works all year round to ensure our schools are safe regardless of their FCI rating. The health and safety of students, staff and community members who use our schools are considered the highest priority in planning school repairs. Effort is made to repair building components where possible; where a component is beyond repair, it will be scheduled for replacement.

Western Technical-Commercial School (GR. 09-12)

33.51 %

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Learn more about the Renewal Needs Backlog and the Facility Condition Index, both of which include related Frequently Asked Questions.

The Toronto District School Board is investing millions of dollars to improve the conditions of its schools. Learn More about our School Repairs Investment Profile (Provincial Government Funding) and our Current School Repairs Projects/Highlights.

Renewal Needs Backlog

The Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB’s) Renewal Needs Backlog lists 23,232 different repairs that have been identified in our 588 schools. The total value of those repairs is approximately $3.4 billion.

It is because the TDSB did not receive adequate provincial funding to make the needed repairs that the backlog continued to grow. However, we have received additional provincial funding allowing us to invest $579 million in school repairs from September 2015 to August 2017. This will allow us to begin to reduce our Renewal Needs Backlog.

It is very important to understand that not one of these repairs represents a health or safety concern for our students and staff. In fact, it is because the safety of our schools is a top priority for us at TDSB that our maintenance plans are always focused on providing safe places for our students to learn. In that regard, we schedule maintenance to fix the most critical problems related to the health and safety of our students and staff.

Also, while components in a school building may be past their life expectancy, i.e. a water boiler, they are in good repair and meet all required safety codes.


Urgent Building systems that are in critical condition and have surpassed their useful service life and these systems are very important to the operation of the building such as (Boilers, Other Heat Generating Systems, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System, Standpipe System, Public Address System, Roofing, etc.). There is no specific timeframe to repair/replace this system; however, repair/replacement is highly recommended as soon as funding is available.
High Building systems that are in critical or poor condition and their importance to the operation of the building is less than those assigned an urgent priority such as (Brick Work, Exterior Doors, Exterior Windows, Rooftop Units, etc.). There is no specific timeframe to repair/replace this system; however, repair/replacement is recommended as soon as funding is available.
Medium Building systems that are in fair condition with low importance to the operation of the building such as (Floor Finishes, Washroom Partitions, Millwork, etc.)
Low Building systems that are in fair or good condition with very low importance to the operation of the building such as (Wall Partitions, Interior Wall Finishes, Interior Doors, Fences, etc.).

Fire Extinguishers Devices - Fire Suppression System RenewalUrgent
Major Repair [Standard Foundations - 1927]Urgent
Roof Coverings - Section A1,A4,C1,J2 RenewalUrgent
Roof Coverings - Section A4, B1,C2,E2, E3,F1 RenewalUrgent
Study [Standard Foundations - 1927]Urgent
Auxiliary Equipment - Condensate Vacuum Pump RenewalHigh
Auxiliary Equipment - Heat Exchangers - 1970's RenewalHigh
Controls & Instrumentation - BAS RenewalHigh
Elevators & Lifts - Freight Elevator RenewalHigh
Elevators & Lifts - Handicap Lift RenewalHigh
Exterior Doors - Metal & Wood RenewalHigh
Exterior Doors - Hardware RenewalHigh
Exterior Doors - Overhead door RenewalHigh
Exterior Doors - Parking Garage RenewalHigh
Exterior Walls - 1927 RenewalHigh
Exterior Walls - 1962 RenewalHigh
Exterior Walls - Sealants RenewalHigh
Exterior Windows - 1962 RenewalHigh
Exterior Windows - Metal - 1927 RenewalHigh
Fencing & Gates - Wrought Iron Fence RenewalHigh
Fittings - Millwork RenewalHigh
Fittings - Washroom Partitions RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Carpet RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Hardwood RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Painted Concrete Asphalt RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Tile RenewalHigh
Interior Doors - 1927 RenewalHigh
Interior Doors - Hardware - 1927 RenewalHigh
Interior Stair Construction RenewalHigh
Lighting Equipment - Exit - LED RenewalHigh
Lighting Equipment - Exterior RenewalHigh
Main Switchboards RenewalHigh
Major Repair - Masonry ChimneyHigh
Major Repair [Exterior Walls - 1927]High
Major Repair [G2040 Site Development - Concrete Exterior Stairs]High
Major Repair [Retaining Walls - Concrete]High
Major Repair [Retaining Walls - Stone]High
Major Repair [Roof Coverings - Section I1 - I10, J1]High
Major Repair [Structural Frame - 1927]High
Major Repair [Structural Frame - 1961]High
Major Repair [Structural Frame]High
Playing Fields - Curbs - Paved RenewalHigh
Playing Fields - Sports Field - Unpaved RenewalHigh
Roadways - Paved - East & West RenewalHigh
Roof Coverings - Section D1 RenewalHigh
Roof Coverings - Section D2,E5,F5,F6,F7,G1 RenewalHigh
Roof Coverings - Section E1,H1,D3 RenewalHigh
Sprinklers RenewalHigh
Steam Boilers - Boiler 3 RenewalHigh
Structural Frame - Parking Structure RenewalHigh
Study [Exterior Walls - 1927]High
Study [Heating/Chilling water distribution systems - Piping Systems]High
Study [Public Address Systems - PAHigh
Study [Structural Frame - 1927]High
Study [Structural Frame - 1961]High
Study [Structural Frame - Parking Structure]High
Study [Structural Frame]High
Terminal & Package Units - All Building RenewalHigh
Wall Finishes - Paint RenewalHigh
Branch Wiring RenewalMedium
Ceiling Finishes - Lath & Plaster RenewalMedium
Ceiling Finishes RenewalMedium
Domestic Water Distribution - DHW Pumps RenewalMedium
Domestic Water Distribution - Steam Heating system. RenewalMedium
Domestic Water Distribution - Storage Tanks RenewalMedium
Domestic Water Distribution - Sump Pumps RenewalMedium
Fire Protection Specialties - Kitchen Suppression RenewalMedium
Fittings - Bleachers RenewalMedium
Fittings - Metal Lockers RenewalMedium
Fittings - Seating RenewalMedium
Floor Finishes - Ceramic Tile RenewalMedium
Floor Finishes - Terrazzo RenewalMedium
Interior Doors - 1961 - Wood RenewalMedium
Interior Doors - Hardware - 1961 RenewalMedium
Major Repair [Landscaping]Medium
Major Repair [Partitions - Concrete & Drywall]Medium
Major Repair [Partitions - Plaster & Lath ]Medium
Other Communications & Alarm Systems RenewalMedium
Other Special Systems and Devices - COMP FOOD RenewalMedium
Other Special Systems and Devices - Sawdust Collector RenewalMedium
Partitions - 1961 - Moveable RenewalMedium
Pedestrian Paving RenewalMedium
Plumbing Fixtures - Water Closets & Urinals Original Building RenewalMedium
Study - D2020 Domestic Water Distribution - Original - Plumbing Piping SystemMedium
Study [Branch Wiring]Medium
Wall Finishes - Ceramic Tile RenewalMedium
Parking Lots RenewalLow

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