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Queen Victoria Public School (GR. JK-08)

We work hard, we work smart, we work together!
Queen Victoria Public School was founded in Parkdale in 1887. We are an inner-city school serving over 700 students coming from many different countries. Many of our students have arrived recently in Canada.
The Queen Victoria community is proud of our new school which was built in 1999.  We have a beautiful building adorned with student art work, murals, sculptures and displays.  Recently the community lobbied to improve the
play area in "Horsey Park", a play area serving the kindergarten , grades one and two, and the community. We negotiated a funding partnership of the TDSB, the City and the School Council. Our students and families are now enjoying a wonderful " top of the line" set of play equipment that is always busy!
This school was involved in a Program Area Review. View the latest information shared with the community or visit our review page for further information.
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Madelaine Allan

Susanne Borselli
Sudeep Sanyal
Office Staff:
Nina Bellissimo-Sardinha
School Council Chair(s):
Kevin Sykes
Erick Underwood
100 Close Ave, Toronto, ON
M6K 2V3

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