Toronto District School Board

Alternative Scarborough Education 1 (GR. 11-12)

We have spent the past forty years creating a dynamic and exciting learning
environment for self-motivated individuals like you. We offer Grade 11
and 12 programs emphasizing independent study, computers and technology in the classroom integrated with our Moodle online experience, flexible timetables and a collegial learning atmosphere similar to post secondary studies. There are opportunities to schedule one-on-one consultations with each teacher. Our core curriculum programs comprise a wide range of senior credits including English, economics, mathematics, geography, history, sciences biology, chemistry and physics), philosophy, music, and drama. We welcome students from across Toronto.




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Denis Lopes

Kathy Keroglidis
Emanuel Moura
Office Staff:
Lynda Cox
School Council Chair(s):
60 Brimorton Dr, Scarborough, ON
M1P 3Z1

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