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North West Year Round Alternative Centre (GR. 09-12)

Students who choose North West Year Round Alternative School are looking for a uniquely designed school experience, are at least 16 years old, and have a minimum of 5 credits.  Often our students have become disengaged in regular classroom settings but express interest in continuing their education. We offer re-engagement through experiential learning and school supports including guidance, student success and support from a child and youth counsellor!
Our staff builds strong working relationships with our students and provides the support students need to be successful.
Our students excel in our small, caring, and mutually respectful groups when they are committed to attending regularly and are motivated to build work/ life skills.
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(416) 395-4824
(416) 395-4810

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Denis Lopes

Kathy Keroglidis
Emanuel Moura
Office Staff:
Elizabeth Birchall
School Council Chair(s):
425 Patricia Ave, North York, ON
M2R 2N1

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