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York Humber High School (GR. 09-12)

Health and Safety (H&S) Workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2015-2016 school year.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date InspectedLocation in SchoolHealth & Safety Issue ObservedClassAction Taken ByDate Action TakenDetails
11/06/15113 autohousekeeping, clutter, dust or dirtBCaretaker11/06/15Details
11/06/15Room 116housekeeping, clutter, dust or dirtBCaretaker11/06/15Details
12/31/15319fire exit route sign (yellow TDSB) - not posted / requires updatingBCaretaker01/06/16Details
12/31/15121Hinspections not up to date (specify equipment)BCaretaker01/06/16Details
12/31/15116blocked eye washACaretaker01/06/16Details
12/31/15314fire exit route sign (yellow TDSB) - not posted / requires updatingBCaretaker01/06/16Details
01/29/16113 autolift - inspection out of date or in need of repairACaretaker01/29/16Details
02/24/16Main OfficeMissing - copy of most recent workplace inspection formBPrincipal02/24/16Details
02/24/16Main OfficeMissing - TDSB Occupational Health & Safety PolicyBPrincipal02/24/16Details
02/24/16Main OfficeMissing - names and locations of First AidersBCaretaker02/25/16Details
03/26/16Elevator Room 122equipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker03/29/16Details
03/26/16Auto Body Shop 116employee voice concernsBCaretaker03/29/16Details
03/26/16GYM 123emergency exit door - mechanical malfunction on exit doorACaretaker03/29/16Details
03/26/16Room 114Bceiling tiles missingACaretaker03/29/16Details
03/26/16Elevator Room 122electrical equipment in need of repairACaretaker03/29/16Details
04/06/16113 autoexhaust - exhaust required repairACaretaker04/06/16Details
04/06/16Electrical Room 210extinguisher - fire extinguisher discharged/not adequately chargedACaretaker04/06/16Details
04/06/16101receptacle - GFCI needed within 1.5m of waterACaretaker05/30/16Details
04/06/16hallwayreceptacle/light switch (specify)ACaretaker04/06/16Details
05/27/16113 autoemergency exit sign (specify)ACaretaker05/30/16Details
05/27/16Main OfficeHealth & Safety bulletin board - required items are missing or outdated (be specific)BCaretaker05/30/16Details
05/27/16113 autoventilation (specify)ACaretaker05/30/16Details
05/27/16Wood Shopeyewash station required or in need of repair (specify)ACaretaker05/30/16Details
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