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Avondale Secondary Alternative School

Educare Momentum (Each moment drips with possibility)

Welcome to Avondale Secondary Alternative School !

For almost 40 years Avondale has offered an alternative vision of secondary education in the public system to students throughout Toronto.  Located in a tree-lined, established community, just a ten-minute walk from the Finch Subway Station and a five-minute walk from local bus routes, Avondale is a small, safe, family-like school with an intimate and personal feel.  At Avondale, students learn in a small, rigorous academic setting where close working relationships with staff and students are valued and celebrated.   Our vision is to create a safe and nurturing learning and teaching environment that supports optimal development and excellence across all domains. 

                       So what's alternative about Avondale Secondary?
We offer a variety of non-semestered academic courses, designed to prepare secondary students for post-secondary education. At Avondale, small classes meet in challenging, intensive study, lab and discussion formats (typically two to three sixty-minute classes per subject.) Students also meet regularly with their teachers in tutorial groups and one to one sessions to extend and deepen classroom experiences. We engage in community-wide decision-making through student governance initiatives, such as weekly 'town hall' meetings and an enthusiastic and creative student council.
                  Avondale is what we all believed school could be.

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