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Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum

In February 2015, the Ministry of Education released the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum to all school boards in Ontario. Boards are required to implement the curriculum starting in September 2015. 

The curriculum has been revised to address current issues relevant to student health and well-being, and better reflect Ontario’s growing and diverse population. These updates include information about healthy relationships, consent, mental health and online safety. 

The TDSB is committed to the success and safety of every student. It is important that what we teach in our schools is current, relevant and age-appropriate so that we can provide students with the best possible information to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. It is also important that the curriculum we teach is inclusive of our diverse student population and reflective of the Board’s longstanding commitment to equity and inclusion. 

More information about the delivery of the curriculum will be shared with parents before September 2015. 

In the meantime, parents are encouraged to read the full curriculum and parent resources, available on the Ministry website.

If you have further questions about the content of the curriculum, please contact the Ministry of Education at 416-325-6870.

Key Facts:

  • It is the role of the Ministry of Education to develop curriculum and it is the role of the school board to implement it. The TDSB has no control over the content of the curriculum.

  • TDSB staff are committed to teaching the new curriculum in a professional and respectful manner that is both developmentally and age-appropriate.

  • The full curriculum, parent guides and quick facts can be accessed on the Ministry of Education’s website. The website also contains links to translated parent guides in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Farsi, Polish, Punjabi, Somali and Urdu.


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