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Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices

Model Schools for Inner Cities Teaching Learning Coaches

There are two coaches per cluster that work with up to 12 schools. They are responsible for providing leadership in fostering equity and inclusiveness in the development and implementation of the MSIC Program.

Learning Classroom Teachers (LCTs)

Each MSIC school has at least one learning classroom teacher (LCT). The LCT is responsible for sharing best practices from Teaching Learning Networks (TLN) with school staff and the community and they also partner with administrators and other teachers to co-learn and co-facilitate professional learning.

Teaching Learning Networks (TLNs) in Early Years, STEM and Numeracy

The goal of Teaching Learning Networks is to build capacity within schools with regards to professional learning. MSIC coaches and learning classroom teachers work together to deepen understanding in the areas of inquiry learning and co-teaching.

Instructional Leadership Series- Leading and Learning Together

A partnership to support administrators with making every school an effective school, identifying disadvantage and intervening effectively.

MSIC Units Grades 1-8

Teaching units for Grades 1-8 focus on literacy, numeracy and STEM. These units support culturally relevant and responsive learning opportunities and result in a higher level critical thought from students through a social justice lens.

Summer School

Each year, more than 3,500 students are provided summer learning opportunities to enhance their experience and academic skills.

Ontario Science Centre Partnership

Model Schools for Inner Cities has worked with the Ontario Science Centre to provide free visits for students. These visits include a tour of the Science Centre Exhibit Hall as well as the option of class workshops.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Inquiry-based learning through science, technology, engineering and math. STEM tasks for Grades K-8 were piloted in the MSIC Summer School Program 2014.


All MSIC Schools to receive a STEM kit to support the implementation of STEM pedagogy throughout the school.

Innovation Pilot Project- I2Q

Grade 5 and Grade 7 students from 11 Model Schools participate in a pilot project in partnership with Ideaction. The project teaches students how to think innovatively while problem-solving. Watch CBC The National's profile of I2Q to learn more about the project.

Early Years iPad Initiative

Each Model School received 20 iPad minis to use in the Grade 1 classes, giving students the opportunity to develop a skill set rooted in 21st century literacy, developing new and innovative techniques to engage with their learning. Students will engage in experiences that foster the development of the six C’s for 21st century citizenship: connect, create, collaborate, communicate, compute, think critically.

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