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Review is currently not in the This is a review process that involves school(s) 
identified on the top section of this page.  
For further information about this review, 
Contact names have been provided. stageReview is currently not in the The public meeting date(s) are identified in this 
section. For more information about the meeting, 
please see this section. stageReview is currently not in the The committee report for this review is posted 
For details about the report, please see here.  
this section. stageReview is currently not in the Board administration sets a public meeting date 
to share staff’s response to the committee’s 
recommendations and to share information about 
next steps including the opportunity to make 
deputations. stageReview is currently in the The report for this review is submitted to board 
for a decision.  For details about the decision, 
please see this section. stage
Trustee, Ward 15: Jennifer StoryTrustee, Ward 16: Sheila Cary-Meagher

Danforth Collegiate and Technical InstituteDenise Martins416-393-0620
East York Alternative Secondary SchoolGrant Fawthrop416-396-2925
East York Collegiate InstituteJohn Bratina416-396-2355
Eastdale Collegiate InstituteMartha Bartley416-393-9630
Eastern Commerce Collegiate InstituteJennifer Chan416-393-0230
Greenwood Secondary SchoolKimberly McLaren416-393-0744
Monarch Park Collegiate InstituteCynthia Abernethy416-393-0190
Riverdale Collegiate InstituteKenneth Harvey416-393-9820
School of Life ExperienceKimberly McLaren416-393-0756
Subway Academy IDenis Lopes416-393-9466

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