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Pupil Accommodation Review

This Pupil Accommodation Review presents an opportunity to better serve the needs of students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The goal is to maximize the utilization of schools, strengthen programs offered at the local schools, and address facility conditions. TDSB staff’s initial recommendations include significant capital investment in this area. Pending Ministry of Education approval, Dennis Avenue Public School will be re-built and George Syme Community School will receive an addition and other renovations. The closures of Cordella Junior Public School effective June 30, 2021 and Rockcliffe Middle School effective June 30, 2022 are part of the plan.

Please note that no final decisions have been made. Community consultation is currently taking place to get feedback about staff’s initial recommendations. Please attend the public meetings and read the information posted below to keep informed. The Board of Trustees will make final decisions at the end of the review process.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Ward 6 South PARC, please contact your principal or email us at with “Ward 6 South PARC” in the email subject line.

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Trustee, Ward 6: Chris TonksSuperintendent: Vicky Branco
Administrative Liaison: Laura Lloyd (416-394-2044)TDSB Superintendent: Vicky Branco

Cordella Junior Public SchoolJackie Wark(416) 394-2258
Dennis Avenue Community SchoolKari Hudson(416) 394-2311
George Syme Community SchoolAliomid Jahangir(416) 394-2340
Harwood Public SchoolAngela Pumputis(416) 394-2350
Lambton Park Community SchoolSteven Bannerman(416) 394-3070
Rockcliffe Middle SchoolValentina Di Domenico(416) 394-3100
Roselands Junior Public SchoolJill Norman(416) 394-3110

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